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Industrial Touch Panel PC is a computer device widely used in industrial automation, robot control, smart home and other fields. The touch screen is one of the main input devices of the Industrial Touch Panel PC, and the selection of its type has an important impact on the performance and user experience of the device. Among the two touch screens of capacitive screen and resistive screen, which one is more suitable for the use of Industrial Touch Panel PC? This article will compare the following aspects.

1. Touch accuracy

The touch principle of the resistive screen is to detect the touch position through the pressure change between two layers of conductive materials, so its touch accuracy is relatively high. The touch principle of the capacitive screen is to determine the touch position by detecting the change of the capacitance of the human body, and its accuracy is relatively low. In the case where the Industrial Touch Panel PC requires delicate operations, such as robot control, CAD drawing, etc., the touch accuracy of the resistive screen can better meet the needs.

2. Touch sensitivity

The touch sensitivity of the capacitive screen is higher than that of the resistive screen, because the capacitive screen can detect small changes in capacitance value, while the resistive screen needs to apply a certain pressure to complete the touch operation. In some scenarios that require fast response, such as industrial automation, fast ordering, etc., the touch sensitivity of the capacitive screen can improve operational efficiency.

3. Touch experience

In terms of touch experience, the touch feeling of the capacitive screen is smoother and more natural, while the operation of the resistive screen requires a certain amount of force, which feels more blunt. For scenes that require long-term operation, such as industrial automation and smart home, the touch experience of capacitive screen is more comfortable and natural.

4. Durability

The durability of the resistive screen is relatively high because of its simple structure and is not easily disturbed by the environment. However, the touch panel of the capacitive screen needs to deal with multi-layer complex structures, and is easily affected by factors such as electrostatic interference, so its durability is low. In the industrial environment, there are many factors such as dust and vibration, so the resistive screen is relatively more suitable for the use of Industrial Touch Panel PC.

5. Price

The price of the resistive screen is relatively low because of its simple structure and low production cost. Capacitive screens require components such as multi-layer complex structures and high-precision sensors, so their prices are relatively high. In consideration of cost, resistive screen is more economical and practical.

To sum up, both capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which kind of touch screen to choose should be comprehensively considered according to specific needs. For scenarios that require fine operation and comfortable touch experience, resistive screens should be preferred; for scenarios that require fast response and economical and practical, capacitive screens should be preferred. In an industrial environment, resistive screens are relatively more suitable for Industrial Touch Panel PCs.

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