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1. The role of industrial computer in the work of industrial automation equipment

The industrial computer is a computer system specially designed for the industrial environment, and it is widely used in industrial automation equipment. The main function of the industrial computer is to control and manage the industrial production process, collect and process industrial data, and realize communication with other equipment and systems.

In industrial automation equipment, industrial personal computers are widely used. For example:

In CNC machine tools, the industrial computer can control the movement of the machine tool to achieve precise cutting, milling and drilling operations.

In the automated production line, the industrial computer can control the operation of the production line, such as product assembly, testing and packaging, so as to improve production efficiency and product quality.

In the robot, the industrial computer can realize the control of the robot, so that the robot can automatically complete various tasks, such as handling, welding, spraying, etc.

In the testing equipment, the industrial computer can process the testing data to realize real-time monitoring and control of product quality.

Therefore, the industrial computer is an important part of industrial automation equipment, and it plays a key role in industrial production.

2. Customer introduction:

There is a high-tech company located in Hangzhou, which is mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacture of electronic equipment. The company has a professional R&D team that can independently complete the whole process from product design, manufacturing to after-sales service. The company's main products include various industrial automation equipment, such as automatic assembly machines, automatic testing machines, automatic welding machines, etc.

They always adhere to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, with the goal of improving production efficiency and product quality, and constantly develop more advanced and reliable industrial automation equipment. In order to achieve this goal, SINSMART 4U industrial computer was selected as the core control system of its industrial automation equipment. Because we can provide the best solution according to their needs.

3. Application scenarios of 4U industrial computer in industrial automation equipment:

Process control system: 4U industrial computer can be used to monitor and control various parameters in industrial processes, such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc. They can receive sensor data and execute corresponding control algorithms to ensure the stability and consistency of the production process.

Machine Vision Systems: In industrial automation, machine vision is used to detect and recognize features such as shape, size, and color of products. The 4U industrial computer can be used to process image data, run image processing algorithms, and realize high-speed and accurate image analysis and recognition.

Data collection and processing: Industrial automation equipment usually needs to collect a large amount of data, and perform real-time or offline data processing and analysis. 4U industrial computer can be used for high-speed data acquisition, data storage and data processing to support the monitoring, optimization and fault diagnosis of industrial automation systems.

Control and execution system: 4U industrial computer can be used as the control core of industrial automation equipment to execute various control algorithms and logic to control and adjust mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems. They can communicate with sensors, actuators and other devices to enable the operation and coordination of automated production lines.

Remote monitoring and management: 4U industrial computer can connect to the network and communicate with other devices and systems. This makes remote monitoring and management possible. Engineers and operators can remotely access and control the industrial computer, monitor equipment status in real time, perform fault diagnosis and remote maintenance.

4. Advantages of product application:

  • Powerful computing capability: SINSMART is equipped with a high-performance processor and sufficient memory, which can 2. process a large amount of data to meet the needs of industrial automation equipment.
  • Stable and reliable: SINSMART adopts industrial-grade design, has good anti-interference ability and stable operation performance, and is suitable for use in various industrial environments.
  • Rich interfaces: SINSMART provides rich interfaces, which can be easily connected to various devices and systems.
  • Easy to maintain: SINSMART has designed features that are easy to maintain, such as modular design, easy-to-replace parts, etc., reducing maintenance costs.

5. Conclusion

With the advancement of Industry 4.0, the application of industrial computer in industrial automation equipment will become more and more extensive. With its powerful computing power, stable performance and rich interfaces, SINSMART 4U industrial computer meets various needs of industrial automation equipment and brings significant benefits to customers. We expect it to play a greater role in more industrial automation equipment in the future.

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