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Facial recognition apps are now widely known. We take the high-speed rail, we take the plane, and we can choose to use facial recognition when we get on the bus. We pay with Alipay, bank cards, and sometimes facial recognition. In the just-concluded Hangzhou Marathon, the Dalai Sports face recognition system developed by Ali achieved great success in registration, pre-match collection, and race-day admission. On the morning of November 3, 36,000 runners passed the gate in less than three seconds on average. Last year, the system identified 11 replacements.

The main function of face recognition is recognition, which is no different from our ID card. Face recognition is more convenient and faster than traditional recognition methods.
Face recognition, which is a biotechnology based on the identity information of people's facial features, uses a camera or video camera collection to contain images or video streams, and automatically detects and tracks faces in the images, and then detects a series of related technologies that face to face, It is also commonly called portrait recognition and face recognition.

Face recognition gates are used in ticket gates such as exhibitions, high-speed railways, subways, access control, airports, and gates. Through the camera at the ticket gate, the face image collection, detection and modeling of passengers are completed, real-time monitoring and identification of passengers are realized, and convenient, efficient and safe entry is realized. At the same time, after the recognition is completed, the facial features are compared with the database of key personnel in the public security system to provide a real-time and effective alarm tracking mechanism for the public security.

The face recognition brake used by each station is composed of a motion or reduction box, a transmission mechanism, a motor, a balance device, a control panel, an industrial computer, and a brake lever. The function of the industrial computer is mainly image and data processing.

System requirement

In the traffic of airports and high-speed railway websites, such as face recognition, the use of face recognition is strong, the response speed of data processing and data analysis (), (high efficiency, high measurement accuracy, strong performance for industrial control, large storage, data throughput) High volume, fast reflection speed, good dynamic capture effect, and continuous operation for a long time, stable, safe, and high fluency.

SINSMART industrial computer can meet the hardware selection requirements of the face recognition system. The configuration supports Intel's 7th generation cyson and core i3i5i7 processors, supports up to dual-channel 16GB*16GB memory, 2 SATA3.0 interfaces, and 2 m. demand. Two gigabit network ports ensure efficient network transmission. 4 USB3.0, 4 USB2.0, 6 COM ports (compatible with 232/485), with DP and HDMI high-definition output, which can provide more accurate data for image acquisition and recognition. Using the onboard GPIO and LPC, users can expand more functions as needed.

SINSMART industrial computer adopts a closed fanless design, the whole machine has no internal connection, has good dustproof, heat dissipation, shockproof, and anti-interference functions, and satisfies the stability, reliability and fluency of the face recognition system for the industrial computer Wait for the request. At the same time, rich interfaces, strong scalability, easy integration, easy maintenance, configuration flexibility, security, environmental adaptability, expansion and scalability, customer service and other unique advantages, after various rigorous tests, It can run stably for a long time in various harsh environments.

SINSMART embedded industrial computer can be widely used in industrial control, self-service terminal, communication, electric power, medical treatment, network, transportation, financial monitoring and other fields. In the future, it will be used in more new devices.

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