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Industry Status and Demand

Human society has only one planet, and the resources of this planet are limited. The management of earth resources can be sustainable and recycled, and human life can truly achieve unlimited development. There is no doubt that the sorting of renewable resources is an important part of this recycling chain. The method of garbage classification can be realized through the harmlessness and recycling of garbage. It has very important research significance for sustainable development.

With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology and the wide application of machine deep learning, artificial intelligence garbage sorting equipment has appeared in people's vision. People can download the corresponding smart garbage classification through the mobile APP, and then use the mobile phone to scan the smart device or directly select the type of garbage self-processing on the device display. The background will intelligently identify and confirm the intelligent recycling of garbage through machine vision algorithms. Then return the corresponding amount to the mobile APP, and the user can realize self-service cash withdrawal and cash withdrawal operations. Artificial intelligence garbage classification uses a big data platform to store, analyze and supervise equipment data at various points. When the equipment is full of garbage, an instruction will be issued in time, and the collected garbage will be sorted, transported, sorted, recycled, and recycled by full-time recycling personnel. The whole process forms an ecological chain of garbage disposal intelligent recycling system.



Based on the needs of enterprise customers to solve the problem of intelligent classification of domestic waste, SINSMART recommends embedded industrial PCs as the core technology control host of intelligent waste classification equipment to help customers realize artificial intelligence waste classification and recycling.

1. The user scans the code on the tablet computer to log in, selects the type of garbage, and the tablet computer communicates with the control panel to control the motor to open the door;

2. User can put in plastic bottle. The first entrance is to detect the plastic bottle at the photoelectric switch and send it to the camera;

3. When the second photoelectric switch detects the plastic bottle, it notifies the industrial computer to turn on the camera and start the recognition and judgment. If the identification is successful, the conveyor belt controlled by the control panel continues to convey;

4. Notify the intelligent domestic waste disposal and classification APP, add 1; if the recognition technology fails, the motor control is reversed, and the target object does not recognize the target and returns to the entrance;

5. If the recognition fails and the return is not deleted, you can wait for a new one to enter and repeat the above work.

6. The relevant information and data collected by the fanless industrial computer can be transmitted to the cloud through the 4G industrial router, which is convenient for customers to provide remote viewing and related research data.

Product advantages

We use Intel i5/i6/i7 processors with high performance and low power consumption

◆ 8GB DDR3L high-speed running memory

◆ There are as many as 6 serial ports on the panel, which can be connected to a variety of external devices, such as card readers, printers, barcode scanners, etc.

◆ Provide HDMI and VGA two data display system output ports, support independent dual display

◆Provide Wi Fi (optional), dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, so that the motherboard has a flexible network application environment, remote management and control

◆ Adopt open intelligent technology operation management system, more stable and easier to maintain Industrial-grade reliability, robustness, weather resistance, 24x7 uninterrupted operation.

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