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CPU knowledge - Hyper-Threading

Hyper-Threading is a technology that allows a single physical central processing unit (CPU) to appear as two logical CPUs to the operating system. This can improve system performance by allowing multiple threads or processes to run concurrently on the same physical CPU.

Hyper-Threading works by duplicating the architectural state of a physical CPU and creating a logical CPU for each duplicate state. The operating system sees each logical CPU as a separate CPU and schedules tasks or threads on each one. The physical CPU then switches between the two logical CPUs, executing one thread or task while the other is waiting for data or for another event to occur.

The benefits of Hyper-Threading include:

  1. Improved system performance: By allowing multiple threads or tasks to run concurrently on the same physical CPU, Hyper-Threading can improve the overall performance of the system. This is because the physical CPU can switch between the logical CPUs, reducing idle time and increasing the overall utilization of the CPU.

  2. Better CPU utilization: Hyper-Threading allows the physical CPU to better utilize its resources, as it can switch between multiple threads or tasks without waiting for one to complete. This can result in improved overall system performance, especially in multi-threaded applications that can take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of Hyper-Threading.

  3. Better application responsiveness: Hyper-Threading can improve the responsiveness of applications, as it allows the physical CPU to switch between threads or tasks, reducing wait time and improving overall system responsiveness.

Hyper-Threading is a hardware feature that is available on some Intel CPUs, and it requires support from the operating system and the applications that run on the system. The performance benefits of Hyper-Threading can vary depending on the workload and the number of cores and threads in the system, but it can provide significant performance improvements for some applications and workloads.

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