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What is a Industrial Portable Computer?

Industrial Portable Computer is a portable computer or mobile device used in the industrial field. They are specially designed and modified to meet the strict requirements for equipment strength, stability, durability, etc. in the industrial environment. Industrial Portable Computers usually have functions such as waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, vibration-proof, shock-proof, etc., as well as hardware and software configurations to adapt to various harsh environments.

What should we pay attention to when choosing Industrial Portable Computer?

1. Size

2. Expansibility

3. Performance

4. Screen size and quantity

5. On-site application

Features of Industrial Portable Computer: Protection, Portability, High Expansibility, Flexible Customization

What are the types of Industrial Portable Computer?

According to the positions of the screen and the keyboard, Industrial Portable Computers are divided into upper clamshell type and lower clamshell type.

Flip-Up Portable Computer

Flip-down Portable Computer
SIN-1610 Card Type Rugged Portable Computer
This machine is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, with a built-in pciex16 slot, which can be expanded up to p2200 graphics card, data acquisition card, POE network card, etc., built-in 6400mA high-capacity battery, and the maximum battery life can reach 4H. It can flexibly customize the boot LOGO, body silk screen, highlight screen, aviation plug interface, etc., and can also be embedded with customer-supplied expansion cards.
SIN-1623 Rugged Portable Computer
Double-slot expansion, flexible customization, the above model has been customized for a technology company that detects ultrasonic equipment.
SIN-2772 Industrial Portable Computer
All-aluminum alloy structure, hard anodized surface treatment, four-corner anti-vibration rubber pads, suitable for various harsh conditions, 4 full-length expansion slots, convenient and flexible to meet different expansion requirements of customers, widely used in military police, national defense, aerospace, ships, Scientific research and civilian high-tech fields.
SIN-D177 Flip-down three-screen portable computer
In industries such as aerospace, coal mine energy and military industry, public security, government and enterprise, emergency rescue, field operations, and command and dispatch, computers are required to collect and process on-site data, sometimes facing huge calculations and high-definition split-screen display viewing and Handling, as well as the uncertainty of the working place, also requires strong outdoor battery life. Ordinary laptops do not have dustproof, dropproof and high-intensity processing functions.
SIN-U1713 flip-up three-screen portable computer
Other types of industrial portable machines
If you need the above-mentioned industrial portable computers, you can consult SINSMART. SINSMART is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of industrial computers, to help the further development of Industry 4.0, we have a variety of product series, currently mainly include rack-mounted industrial computers, fanless industrial computers, rugged tablets, rugged laptop, industrial motherboards, etc. We support OEM&ODM service. Support retail, wholesale, global delivery.

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