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As a professional Rugged Tablet manufacturer, we are glad to see that more and more airlines are adopting tablet PCs as electronic flight bags and aircraft maintenance tools. Unlike consumer-grade tablets used by pilots, the Rugged Tablet must be able to withstand harsh outdoor environments and prolonged operation. Consumer-grade tablets like the iPad are not good enough for such rugged applications. So here are five reasons why rugged tablets like the SINSMART SIN-Q1085E series and SIN-I0811E series are perfect for maintenance operations.

Rugged tablets are more suitable for maintenance operations than consumer-grade tablets. Here are five reasons why:

Rugged form factor: Rugged tablets are water, dust, shock, and drop resistant, allowing them to work in harsh environments, such as inside a hangar or on the outside field of an airport. Consumer-grade tablets, on the other hand, are vulnerable to damage and cannot withstand these environments.

Storage expansion options: In aircraft maintenance, it is necessary to store a large amount of data such as maintenance manuals, component drawings and maintenance records. The rugged tablet offers more storage expansion options, such as SD card slot, USB interface and HDMI port, which can easily expand the storage space.

Long battery life and hot-swap capability: Maintenance operations often require extended periods of use, and rugged tablets can last for hours with longer battery life. In addition, the rugged tablet features a hot-swappable battery that can be replaced at any time during maintenance operations, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the device.

Security at the hardware level: In aircraft maintenance operations, the security of data is of paramount importance. Rugged tablets feature hardware-level security such as fingerprint recognition and smart card readers to prevent data leakage and unauthorized access.

Customizable IO ports and built-in scanners: The IO ports of the rugged tablet can be customized, such as adding RS232 serial ports, LAN ports, etc., to meet specific maintenance operation needs. Additionally, a built-in scanner makes maintenance operations more efficient.

SINSMART rugged tablets feature durability, long battery life, device and data security, and expandability. Our tablets help airlines achieve more efficient, safer and more reliable aircraft maintenance operations. Rugged tablets have a higher return on investment for use in the airline industry than consumer-grade tablets.

When using a tablet for aircraft maintenance operations, choosing a rugged tablet is a smarter choice. Our products can help airlines improve work efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure data security. If you are looking for a high-quality rugged tablet, SINSMART is your best choice.

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