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The full name of the three-screen computer is a reinforced computer with three-screen display integrated. With the basic characteristics of a computer, it is similar to a notebook computer in appearance, and it is foldable and easy to carry.

The three-screen phones we see more often are commercial. Commercial three-screen phones are generally used in stocks and IT industries. They are simple in workmanship and relatively cheap. It is more important, but the reinforced three-screen machine is generally used in the emergency command system, such as 119 fire temporary command station, 110 public security temporary command station, 120 medical emergency command station or command vehicle, etc.

The reinforced three-screen machine has high performance, has an independent graphics card, and can do relatively large data calculations. It can realize real-time transmission of pictures, real-time voice transmission, information, positioning, data, command and dispatch, configuration management and other business connections at the emergency site. enter.

In terms of the shape and function of the three screens, each manufacturer has a different design. But they are all customized according to the performance required by customers. At present, there are mainly several designs of three-screen machines.

Box type three screen machine

The box-type three-screen machine adopts a BOX, which integrates an industrial motherboard, a graphics card, and three displays into one.

SINSMART's SIN-U1713-XH310 is a portable three-screen emergency command box with IP65 protection level, which is mainly used in emergency command and dispatch systems. The device has a dual host mode, one of which is used as a three-screen display output interface, and the other host can be used as an independent server, dual system data backup, higher security and reliability.

Notebook three-screen machine

The notebook-type three-screen machine looks like a notebook, and the three display screens can also be folded.

The notebook-style three-screen machine has three display screens in one, and three excellent 15.6-inch high-brightness LCD screens. The display supports 1920*1080 display, and the brightness can reach 400-700nit, which is viewable under sunlight. It is convenient for graphics processing and data analysis, and realizes multi-screen interactive applications. With excellent performance, it is equipped with a high-capacity battery and is equipped with a spare battery, which is convenient for customers to quickly build a variety of application scenarios.

Chassis type three screen machine

The chassis-type three-screen machine looks like an assembled chassis, and the three display screens can be folded on the side of the chassis. The chassis-type three-screen machine has high performance, and there is no integrated battery inside the chassis, so it needs to be connected with an external battery for power supply.

The three-screen machine can quickly deploy the emergency command site at the scene of disaster and accident rescue. The isolated island operates independently in the event of network outage, power outage, or circuit break. Provide stable and reliable emergency communication guarantee. It is widely used in disaster scenarios such as earthquakes, fires, mudslides, and typhoons.

At present, SINSMART's three-screen machine is combined with third-party software, which is widely used in large-scale security such as epidemic situation, traffic/patrol police, emergency, armed police, civil air defense, border defense, urban management, safety supervision, fire protection, electric power repair, railway maintenance, forest fire prevention, and troops. activities etc.

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