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How to choose a Rugged Tablet?

In today's era of information explosion, mobile devices have become an essential tool for our life and work. However, in some special occasions, ordinary tablet computers may not be able to meet the needs, such as factory workshops, field operations, extreme weather and other environments. At this point, Rugged Tablet has become the best choice. So from what aspects to choose the right Rugged Tablet?

Waterproof level

First of all, choosing the right Rugged Tablet needs to consider its waterproof level. The waterproof grade is divided into IP67 and IP68 grades according to international standards. The higher the waterproof grade, the stronger its waterproof performance. In some special occasions, the waterproof level requirements are also different. For example, an IP67-rated Rugged Tablet can be submerged in water for 30 minutes, while an IP68-rated Rugged Tablet can be used in deeper water.

Shock resistance

In factory workshops, field operations and other environments, equipment is easily subject to vibration and impact. If the tablet cannot withstand these shocks, it will be easily damaged and affect its use. Therefore, choose a Rugged Tablet with a certain shock resistance.

Display quality

Outdoors and under sunlight, the display screen of a tablet computer is easily affected by reflections and sunlight, making the screen blurred and affecting use. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a rugged tablet with high brightness and anti-reflective properties, so that the content can be clearly displayed when used outdoors.

Battery Life

In environments such as outdoors and field operations, it is difficult to have charging equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a rugged tablet with a long battery life to ensure that the device can continue to work for several hours, so that the work will not be interrupted due to lack of power during use.

Software and Hardware Support

A good rugged tablet should have a stable operating system and high hardware configuration, which can meet the needs of daily work and applications. In addition, Rugged Tablet manufacturers should also provide good after-sales service.

SINSMART SIN-I1207E is a ruggedized tablet terminal with the following Features:

Processor: Intel® Kabylake-Y Core™ m3-7Y30 processor, which is a low-power processor, suitable for mobile devices. It offers a good balance of performance and energy efficiency.

Screen: Equipped with a 12.2-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1200, which can provide clear images and detailed display. Adopt Corning Gorilla Glass, which has high hardness and anti-scratch properties.

Interface: The device has an HDMI 1.4a interface and a Type-C interface, which provides options for external display and connection to other devices. In addition, USB 3.0 mode is also supported for efficient and stable file transfer.

Battery: The battery of the tablet terminal is hot-swappable and replaceable. Built-in dual polymer lithium-ion batteries with large capacity can provide long battery life.

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