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As an input device, the Industrial All In One PC uses a touch screen that has many advantages such as ruggedness, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. Users can quickly get the information they want as long as they touch the machine screen lightly with their fingers, thus making the human-computer interaction more straightforward.

As a high-tech machine, Industrial All In One PC has gradually replaced the status of a simple touch screen. Industrial Panel PC manufacturers claim that users can truly feel the characteristics of free interaction between man and machine. Now Industrial All In One PC is more and more widely used, many customers often don't know how to choose. So let me introduce it to you, so that you can refer to it when you choose in the future.

1. Easy to operate

Just touch the relevant component buttons on the screen of the touch all-in-one with your finger, and you can enter the information world. The relevant information can include text, animation, music, video, games, etc.

 2. Friendly interface

Customers can clearly understand all the information, prompts and instructions on the touch screen without knowing the professional knowledge of touch all-in-one machines. The interface is very friendly and suitable for customers of all levels and ages.

3. Quick response

The system adopts advanced technology, and the response speed for large-capacity data query is also instant, without bothering to wait, and it really reaches the speed of Pentium.

4. Good expandability

Industrial All In One PC has good expandability, can add system content and data at any time, and provide convenience for future networking and multi-database operations.

5. Informative

The amount of information storage is almost unlimited, and any complex data information can be included in the multimedia system, and the information is rich in types, which can be audio-visual, and the changeable display effect is exciting.

6. Dynamic networking

The Industrial All In One PC system can establish various network connections according to the needs of users, such as connecting with the telecom business network and telecom billing network, dynamically inquiring about the telephone acceptance process and personal telephone bills, and also connecting with the enterprise's internal INTEANET and INTERNET.

7. Safe and reliable

Continuous operation for a long time without any impact on the system, the system is stable and reliable, no error or crash in normal operation; easy maintenance, the system includes a management and maintenance system with the same interface as the demonstration system, which can easily add, delete, Wait for the management operation.

Industrial All-In-One Computers is a combination of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies, which can realize public information inquiry, and with peripherals such as fingerprint scanner, scanner, card reader, micro printer, etc., it can realize fingerprint attendance, Specific needs such as card swiping and printing. The touch screens include four-wire and five-wire resistive screens, surface acoustic wave screens, infrared screens, holographic nano-touch films and other touch screens, which can meet the application needs of users in different regions and places. Industrial All-In-One Computers is a touch product that bundles a touch screen and related software together with an external package for search purposes. It really achieves the function of integrating touch and control, which greatly improves people's work efficiency. Then, as long as the above functions can be achieved, then the Industrial All In One PC we choose is undoubtedly a product of excellent quality!

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