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The advent of the digital X-ray imaging (DR) system has brought about a fundamental change in the way of X-ray photographs. It is a photography method in which the detector receives X-ray information and converts it into digital information, and immediately displays it on the monitor. Its core component is a flat panel detector. Moreover, the operator can visually observe the patient's examination information on the console, and can master the DR digital X-ray photography operation technology proficiently earlier. Through the change of exposure parameters and post-processing technology, the image quality, work efficiency and economic benefits can be significantly improved, and the radiation dose can be reduced.

In the design of digital X-ray imaging (DR) system, it is generally composed of scanning controller, system controller, image monitor, etc. According to the type of detector, it is mainly divided into amorphous silicon flat panel DR, amorphous selenium flat panel DR and CCDDR; according to The rack structure is divided into suspension DR and column DR. Regardless of the type of DR equipment, the requirements for the equipment's environmental adaptability, system stability, and image processing capabilities are very strict, which is also the physical basis for improving the level of diagnosis and treatment.

As the development trend of mainstream X-ray filming, DR will continue to improve its functions. During this process, SINSMART, as an industry-specific embedded industrial computer provider, has launched a variety of embedded industrial computer product solutions around the digital X-ray imaging (DR) system, which can fully meet the requirements of the digital X-ray imaging (DR) system for related hardware. The technical demands of small size, low power consumption, high stability, high reliability and high performance, etc., the product advantages are as follows:

1. Adopt Intel Q170 chipset, equipped with Intel Core 6th generation i3/i5/i7 processors, provide excellent computing performance and meet the computing needs of high-end applications. The maximum support for 32GB memory ensures that the whole machine runs more smoothly.

2. Support RAID 0 and RAID 1 disk arrays, using two hard disks can provide double transmission speed. At the same time, the RAID 1 array provides excellent data security. Even if one of the hard disks fails and causes data damage, it will not cause file loss.

3. Support 3G, 4G full Netcom and WiFi wireless network, fast and convenient data transmission, to meet the needs of daily work and life.

4. The design of the whole machine is compact and takes up little space. It is suitable for medical environments and saves more valuable space for hospitals and other places.

5. Equipped with 1 DVI-D interface, 1 VGA interface, 2 DP interfaces, 2 SATA III and mSATA interfaces, 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 Mini-PCIe slots, 3 COM interfaces, 4 USB2.0 and 4 USB3.0 fully meet the expansion needs.

At present, the production level of global medical devices is constantly improving, and high-tech industries such as medical imaging equipment will continue to develop well. SINSMART will also launch more specialized and customized embedded industrial computer products to meet the needs of different industries to the greatest extent. required by the customer's actual application.

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