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The industrial tablet computer is often referred to as a touch screen all-in-one machine. The whole machine has perfect performance and has the performance of a common commercial computer in the market. The difference lies in the internal hardware. Most industrial products are industrial motherboards. The difference between them and commercial motherboards is that they are not mass-produced and the product models are relatively stable. It can also be seen from this that the price of industrial motherboards is also higher than that of commercial motherboards, and the other is the RISC architecture. The industrial requirements are relatively simple and single, and the performance requirements are not high, but its stability is particularly good.

The industrial panel computer is a computer with a compact structure specially designed for industrial sites. It is an enhanced industrial computer, which can be used as an industrial controller to operate reliably in the industrial environment. Common embedded industrial tablet computers include box-type industrial computers, fanless industrial tablet computers, etc. Embedded industrial tablet PC has reliable performance, fanless structure, small size, and low price, and it is becoming more and more widely used in industrial computer applications. Especially in recent years, with the development of embedded technology, embedded industrial tablet computers have also developed rapidly, and have been applied to various fields soon, and occupy an increasingly important position.

Embedded Industrial Panel PC Applications:

1. Mobile applications in the electric power industry: use RFID, mobile Internet and other technologies to realize mobile intelligent inspection and inspection functions in power transmission, power transformation, power distribution and other links, so as to achieve the purpose of lean and closed-loop management.

2. Application in the petroleum and petrochemical industry: Utilize RFID technology to realize automatic, fast and accurate reading of the entry and exit of exploration and collection stations, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse management.

3. Government supervision industry application: Real-time monitoring of the flow of fireworks and firecrackers enterprises through rfid, sensors, video monitoring, wireless transmission and other technologies, real-time monitoring and early warning of temperature and humidity in warehouses, video monitoring and alarming functions, thereby reducing the incidence of safety production accidents.

4. Application in pharmaceutical management industry: Utilize RFID technology to realize the construction of pharmaceutical supply chain information platform, so as to achieve real-time tracking and supervision of pharmaceuticals in production, distribution and sales.

5. Application in the environmental protection supervision industry: The application cases of industrial tablet computers in the environmental protection industry are gradually increasing, mainly due to the promotion of the construction of an automatic full-time real-time monitoring system for pollution sources. This work requires the automatic transmission of tens of thousands of signals to The master station needs to collect a large number of signals, and industrial panel computers, especially embedded industrial panel computers, can play a very good demonstration effect in it.

6. Application in the logistics industry: The degree of modernization of the logistics system may exceed the imagination of many people. A complete modern logistics system can almost replace human work, including scanning codes, testing, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and many other links , Industrial tablet PCs are widely used, and there are many successful cases.

7. Smart home industry application: Industrial tablet computers can be used as home service terminals in high-end residential areas, such as intercom, message, cost inquiry, commodity order, household appliance management, etc.

Embedded Industrial Panel PC advantages:

1. Advantages of embedded industrial Panel PC in terms of product performance:

1. The product has good function adaptability, matches the function of the tested and controlled object, has certain scalability but does not take expansion as the main purpose, so the product is very cost-effective;

2. The miniaturization of the device is one of the main manifestations, which is reflected in the compact design. There is no standard for structural design to refer to. It is necessary to fully consider the rational use of external interfaces and installation space;

3. Reliability requirements are high. On the basis of electrical functions satisfying the reliability design, it is necessary to carefully consider the reliability design content such as heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dustproof and waterproof design, and anti-vibration design;

4. After the device is miniaturized, the heat dissipation capability is limited, and the MTBF (mean time between failures) of the embedded system is also very high, especially in unattended applications, low power consumption fanless design becomes a must.

2. The difference between embedded industrial panel computer and common industrial computer:

First of all, the position of the embedded industrial tablet computer in the entire measurement and control system is often at the front end, and the upward connection of the embedded industrial tablet computer is often an ordinary industrial computer, whose computing power, software resources, database support, etc. It is difficult for embedded industrial computer;

Secondly, in the construction of large-scale systems, the system expansion capabilities and network communication capabilities of ordinary industrial computers are also difficult to replace with embedded industrial computers;

Also, in the fields of visual design, process monitoring, data statistics, scientific computing, prototype simulation design, and in-the-loop simulation, ordinary industrial computers have inherent advantages.

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