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As the technical demands of the manufacturing industry gradually turn to intelligence and automation, the landing work scenes of industrial computers in industrial production are constantly changing and increasing. In this context, the upgrading and iteration of industrial computers is an inevitable trend of customers and social production. Among them, Multi-NIC The emergence of Industrial Computer is derived from this.

1. What is Multi-NIC Industrial Computer?

Compared with ordinary industrial computer, it has many network ports and good expansion performance. It can be applied to the control system of various industries as a role of the upper position. In the industrial production environment with fast measurement and control speed, accurate accuracy and many points, it It can also run stably and be adapted. Generally, you will set up the intranet and its extranet on the Multi-NIC Industrial Computer as a gateway, so as to realize the integration of the machine's Internet resources and the function of one machine with multiple networks.

2. What are the advantages of Multi-NIC Industrial Computer?

(1) Strong scalability

Different from the previous IPCs, they have strong expansion performance, and most of them can be extended to dual network ports. Users can choose whether to expand according to their needs, so as to realize more additional functions of the IPCs.

(2) Easy operation and maintenance

The design of Multi-NIC can be used as a precautionary measure in a changing industrial environment. If one network port is broken, another one can be replaced immediately on site. The normal operation of the industrial site will not be affected by network card problems. It is said that the harsh industrial environment is as easy to maintain as the office and home computer. Therefore, the industrial computer is required to have the characteristics of durability and easy operation and maintenance.

(3) Stable and reliable operation

The feature of stable and reliable operation can be said to be a characteristic of most industrial computers, because industrial computers themselves are better than ordinary computers. Both internal and external design and structure require them to adapt to harsh industrial production environments to reduce Workload for staff to repair and inspect.

(4) Powerful measurement and control capabilities

Compared with ordinary industrial computers, Multi-NIC Industrial Computers have much stronger measurement and control capabilities, and they can adapt to the industrial production environment with fast measurement and control speed, high measurement and control accuracy, and a large number of measurement and control points.

3. What are the application scenarios of Multi-NIC Industrial Computer?

After understanding the advantages and features of the Multi-NIC Industrial Computer, let's see in which scenarios it can be applied. In fact, due to its strong scalability, it is widely used in network security systems, monitoring systems, firewalls, routers and other scenarios.

In general, the flexible module expansion feature of Multi-NIC Industrial Computer can realize various forms of network interface combinations, helping different enterprises to flexibly apply in different scenarios (network security, firewall, router, auditing, monitoring system, etc.), Meet the business needs of customers.

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