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SINSMART Rugged Tablet is a Tablet PC specially designed for industrial environments. Its high performance, reliability and customized services are favored by customers. Among them, SIN-T1087EH is a 12.2-inch Tablet PC, which is specially designed for logistics sorting in the logistics industry, with the following configurations:

Basic Configuration:

●Screen: 12.2-inch screen, the size is 339.3mm*230.3mm*26mm.

●Screen type: 10-point G+G capacitive screen with high definition and touch sensitivity.

●Protection level: IP65 protection level, which can ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment in harsh working environments.

●Operating system: Windows 10.

●Processor: Intel N5105 processor.

●Memory: 8GB, optional 16GB.

●Storage capacity: optional 128GB, 256GB or 512GB.

●Wide temperature working capability: the working temperature range is -20°C to 60°C, and the storage temperature range is -30°C to 70°C.

●Drop height: up to 1.22 meters, which can effectively resist accidental impact in field work.

Customized Service:

In addition to the basic configuration, SINSMART Rugged Tablet PC also provides a wealth of customized services to meet the different needs of customers. Customers can choose the following customized services according to their actual needs:

1. Customized memory storage capacity: customers can choose different memory and storage capacity according to their own needs to meet different data storage and processing needs.

2. Customized body protection level: customers can choose different protection levels according to their own needs to meet the needs of different working environments.

3. 4G mobile network customization: customers can add 4G mobile network functions according to their needs to achieve more convenient data transmission and interaction.

4. Customization of one of the four functional modules: customers can add industrial network ports, serial ports, large-port USB2.0 or QR code scanning modules according to their own needs to meet different industrial application needs.

5. Customization of NFC function: Customers can add NFC function according to their own needs to achieve more convenient data transmission and interaction.

Industrial Scene Application:

In addition to being widely used in the logistics industry, SINSMART Rugged Tablet PC is also widely used in many industrial scenarios. For example:

1. In the manufacturing industry, it can be used for data collection on the production line, production plan management, quality inspection management, etc., to improve production efficiency and management level.

2. In the mining industry, it can be used in mine exploration, mine inspection, equipment maintenance, etc. to improve work efficiency and safety management level.

3. In the warehousing logistics and distribution industry, it can be used in order management, inventory management, distribution route planning, etc., to improve logistics efficiency and accuracy.

4. It can also be applied in agriculture, marine, aviation, public safety and other fields to provide customers with efficient, stable and reliable solutions.

SINSMART Rugged Tablet PC provides a wealth of customized services for the special needs of the industrial environment to meet the different actual needs of customers. Whether in the logistics industry, manufacturing industry, mining industry or other fields, we can provide efficient, stable and reliable solutions to bring more convenience to customers' work.

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