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A portable computer is also commonly referred to as a ruggedized industrial portable computer, which is a ruggedized industrial computer that can operate stably in an industrial environment as an industrial controller. Portable computers are also often required to operate in harsh working environments, so they are usually designed with protection forms such as dust-proof, moisture-proof, vibration-proof, corrosion-resistant, and electromagnetic interference-proof. Next, let’s take a closer look at the portable industrial computers that are silently paid behind the scenes in our industrial production and social life!

1. What are the characteristics of portable computers?

1. Solid structure

Aluminum or magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis shells are usually used, followed by CPU, memory, etc. onboard Metropolis, and the interfaces will also be reinforced, which can withstand certain shocks and vibrations in harsh industrial environments, and the structure is solid.

2. Stable performance

Portable computers with a solid and compact structure do not install fans inside, such as CPU fans and power supply fans. They often use aluminum blocks or pure copper blocks for heat dissipation, which not only reduces the maintenance of the machine content, but also ensures that the system has high heat dissipation and high corrosion resistance during operation, so it can ensure reliable and stable operation of the machine in complex and changeable industrial environments.

3. Easy installation

Portable computers are different from ordinary industrial computers in the past. They can generally be used with a variety of terminals, equipment, and control cabinets. They are compact in size, thin in size, and light in weight, and can meet various installation methods, such as wall-mounted, rail-mounted, and desktop installations. Therefore, using portable industrial computers can save a lot of space.

2. What are the application scenarios of portable computers?

Portable computers have a wide range of application scenarios, and they can flexibly operate in environments that are harsh on temperature and space, such as industrial automation, vehicle-mounted equipment, medical equipment, self-service terminals, machine vision, rail transit ticket machines, network equipment, communication equipment, military applications and field operations, industrial field diagnosis, portable servers and workstations, network and communication testing, geological exploration, industrial and mining enterprises, TV field real-time program collection and broadcasting, field data acquisition, portable servers and workstations, network and communication testing, geological exploration, power industry wait.

Generally speaking, portable computers are worthy of recognition in terms of performance and appearance. Of course, with the continuous development of industrial computers, their applications in related industries are becoming more and more mature. Portable computers have also become a trend in the development of the industrial computer industry, and the future is a blue ocean.

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