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Nowadays, global industrial production has increasingly prominent requirements for the transformation and development of intelligent systems and automation technologies, and the industrial manipulator sales market maintains a stable development trend. Welding is one of the essential core technologies for infrastructure construction, and welding robots have also been applied and promoted in a large number of smart manufacturing industries.

Welding robot is an industrial manipulator engaged in welding according to the development trend of electronic information technology, embedded computer technology, intelligent technology and automation technology. According to different main purposes, it can be divided into welding intelligent robots, arc welding robots and other types. In the application, it can independently program to complete the automatic operation according to the requirements, and guide the intelligent robot to complete the work. Carry out relevant tasks, change the fully automatic production process dominated by manpower, reasonably improve welding efficiency and quality, and make welding quality intelligent and controllable.

At this stage, welding robots have been widely used in automobile manufacturing, 3C electronic equipment, construction machinery equipment, ships, metal manufacturing and other industries that require high welding processing technology and quality. During the whole welding process, according to the cooperation of the embedded computer numerical control machine tool and external equipment, an accurate data model is established, and high-speed calculation is completed according to the self-learning ability and self-learning ability. The adaptability of the neuronal network itself allows it to be used for welding. The parts of the product can be fully automated and precisely positioned throughout the process. Even in the application field of bevel and irregular welding, it can also meet the needs very well.

Embedded computer plays a very important role in welding robot system. They are usually used as a controller or part of a controller responsible for controlling the motion of the welding robot and the welding process.

Specifically, embedded computers can perform the following tasks:

Motion control: Welding robots usually have multiple degrees of freedom, and an embedded computer can control the movement of each degree of freedom to ensure that the robot moves according to the expected trajectory.

Welding control: The embedded computer can control the welding parameters of the welding robot, such as current, voltage, welding speed, etc. They can be adjusted according to the welding material and welding conditions to ensure that the welding quality is up to standard.

Sensor data processing: welding robots are usually equipped with multiple sensors, such as vision sensors, force sensors, etc., to help the robot perceive the surrounding environment and the state of the welding parts. An embedded computer can process this sensor data and use it to control the robot's movement and welding.

System monitoring: The embedded computer can monitor the status and performance of the welding robot, such as temperature, voltage, current and other parameters. They can detect malfunctions and take appropriate action, such as stopping robot movement or sending an alert.

With the arrival of the global wave of new infrastructure, automatic welding will gradually replace manual welding and fully automatic welding and become a major trend in the development of the industry. In order to better ensure the high efficiency, high precision and CNC machine tool capabilities of welding robots, relevant manufacturers must choose high-quality, high-performance embedded computers to demonstrate their hardware configuration and applications.

SINSMART has various models of professional industrial computers. SINSMART has focused on the industrial control industry for fifteen years. It has leading embedded (computer) technology in this industry, and uses Intel, Rockchip and other different service platform CPUs to build industrial computers. With two complete embedded computer product supply chain management, it is possible to demonstrate the promotion plan for welding robot-specific embedded computer products. We are committed to industrial computer solutions with customer needs as the core, and can help our customers maximize their technology investment through customized design, manufacturing, quality assurance, logistics and after-sales support.

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