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What types of embedded motherboards are there?

The embedded motherboard can generally be regarded as the CPU board embedded in the device for actual operation and data processing, and it is also the central brain of the device. Because it is built into the device, there are naturally key regulations on the specifications and functional loss of the embedded motherboard (the heat dissipation problem of the embedded motherboard). So what types of embedded motherboards are there? SINSMART tells you:

1. RISC computer motherboard

RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer, referred to as reduced instruction set computer) system software is versatile, the most common of which are MIPS, PowerPC, ARC and ARM. As we all know, although this category also belongs to the category of RISC solutions, they have different types of overall planning and control component structures for the command system, so there are compatibility problems. Mobile phone software developed and designed in a special way must be recompiled before it can be used in other hardware configuration methods immediately.

2. CISC computer motherboard

CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) complex instruction system computer CPU is the basic emergency component of the main computer system software, and the center of each microcontroller is the power supply circuit for running instructions. Commands consist of many complete processes. This whole process fulfills the obligation, transfers the value to storage or terminates the actual addition and subtraction. A CISC is a microcontroller that executes a set of computer instructions. The RISC organization has higher specifications for selected microcontrollers to ensure fast practical operation (millions of instructions per second, or MIPS).

The embedded motherboard has the characteristics of small size, fast processing speed, and low function loss, and is widely used in various industries in daily life. Generally speaking, the basic types of embedded motherboards are RISC and CISC, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, while the development trend of RISC CPU is more flexible and has a key influence.

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