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Any automated system is only as good as its reliability. For example, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) need to do what they are programmed to do; error-free, quickly and efficiently. At this time, it is necessary to have an industrial computer that can match it to support the programming work.

Consumer expectations have grown exponentially in e-commerce since 2018, with same- or next-day delivery seen as the norm. The introduction of computer-controlled trucks (AGVs) will speed up product distribution, ensuring that customers' growing expectations are met. If AGVs are not picking inventory accurately or efficiently, customers may receive the wrong item, or receive it late, meaning they are less likely to return it.

Therefore, the role of AGV in material handling is crucial, and their reliability depends on the control program that controls its operation, which must mention our embedded fanless industrial computer. Motors used in AGVs must be reliable and continuously functional, and they need to be able to operate 24/7 without loss of functionality. If the AGVs are not running, warehouses and production lines cannot continue to work, which means they lose revenue for every hour of downtime. However, if AGVs use the most suitable embedded fanless industrial computers, they can help businesses reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and increase business scalability.

The role of AGVs
Although AGVs can perform many tasks in the manufacturing and logistics industries, they are more commonly used to transport products in warehouses, assembly lines, or order picking.

Like any automated system, AGVs rely on existing systems to ensure they can perform tasks such as:

Guide tape, wires or sensors around the warehouse.
Ability to respond instantly and flexibly to system control commands.
Unlike their human counterparts, AGVs can operate 24/7, so a reliable industrial control computer needs to be installed to withstand constant operation.

It is precisely that the AGV trolley has many advantages that cannot be compared with manpower. Now it has been widely used in the field of warehousing and logistics, and it also puts forward higher requirements for the embedded industrial computer of its main control equipment, such as:

1. Autonomous navigation movement needs to be controlled by an industrial computer system and equipped with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical.

2. Network interoperability and intelligent perception require the AGV main control computer system to have good network performance and high scalability.

3. Support 24-hour continuous and reliable operation, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability, reliability and environmental adaptability of the main control computer hardware platform in the AGV system.

So, what type of industrial control computer do you need for your AGV?

It depends on the type and size of AGV you have and how much weight it is expected to be transferring at any one time. An industrial control computer with a low configuration will not run - or at least not for long - and an industrial control computer with a machine product that is too large and a high configuration may cause installation or functional problems.

As a professional solution provider for industrial computers, SINSMART can provide a variety of embedded industrial computers as hardware support. The product advantages are as follows:

1. The whole machine adopts fanless design, small and exquisite, light in weight, and can support wall-mounted installation, which can save us more space.

2. It can run at a wide temperature, the motherboard can support Intel Core processors and Pentium processors, and the performance is very strong. It also has advantages in terms of memory capacity, which can meet the needs of daily work for large-capacity storage. Possess the level of big data processing.

3. Rich ports, including power input port, HDMI port, DP port, Intel Gigabit Ethernet port, USB3.0 port and audio interface, etc. It can support synchronous/asynchronous three-display mode, and can connect various I/O sockets and various external devices.

4. Support redundant power supply, large-capacity battery, to ensure that the system software starts automatically, and the equipment operates without interruption for a long time.

5. Support 5G/4G/3G, WiFi two communication methods to ensure reliable network data transmission, instant and reliable data transmission.

6. It can work easily and reliably under the working standard voltage of light voltage DC12~19V.

7. The supported operating systems are very rich, such as Windows7, Windows10, Windows server 2012, Centos6.5, Redhat7.3 and UbuntuKylin and other systems.

The recommended industrial control computers for AGVs are embedded fanless industrial computers because they are powerful, quiet, fully enclosed, and low maintenance. Ensuring that the most suitable industrial computer is installed for your equipment can reduce costly maintenance costs and lost revenue from downtime.

At SINSMART, we are able to provide you with the reliable AGV industrial control computers you need to keep your warehouses and production lines running as efficiently as possible. Its main benefit is that, if chosen correctly, there is minimal maintenance and less fluctuation in labor. They require little maintenance and have long-term stability of equipment, which means they are consistent in speed. This allows for a more accurate assessment of build times and lead times on the production line. This makes reporting and assessing warehouse capacity much easier.

To learn more about SINSMART's embedded fanless industrial computers, visit the embedded fanless industrial computers product page.

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