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You may not believe it when you say it, but it has been 20 years since the Windows XP system came out!

What you may not believe is that Windows XP is still used on tens of millions of computers today, and has a market share of nearly 2%! There are still a large number of industrial software systems in the world that are still using the Windows XP system due to reasons such as upgrade costs and maintenance difficulties. Users' dedication to the classic XP vividly illustrates what true love is!

And as Microsoft ends technical support for Windows XP system, there are very few industrial control devices that can support XP system!

SINSMART SIN-610L-JH61MAI is one of the few 4U industrial computers on the market that supports Windows XP system. Since the launch of SINSMART China’s e-commerce platform, it has sold 9,000 units in just a few years and won a large number of loyal users. Become an out-and-out blockbuster. This achievement not only comes from the persistence of SINSMART, but also from the long-term support of new and old customers!

Super expansion, achieving the status of the 3rd generation function king

When purchasing an industrial computer in the industrial automation industry, first look at the slot position!

The SIN-610L-JH61MAI motherboard has 7 expansion slots, including 5 PCI slots, 1 PCIE*16 slot, 1 PCIE*1 slot, and 1 Mini-PCIE slot.

PCI slot can be extended with data acquisition card, motion control card, voice card, recording card and other expansion cards;

The PCIE slot can support independent graphics card, PoE+ network port card, CAN card, USB card, ordinary network card and other expansion cards,

The Mini-PCIE slot can support the expansion of mSATA or WIFI modules, 3G/4G modules. For the main user group - industrial automation industry, this machine has comprehensive and powerful functions and flexible expansion. It can be freely expanded according to different needs. Almost Can meet the needs of various industries!

Strong compatibility, support XP system

SIN-610L-JH61MAI also has strong compatibility and supports multiple operating systems!

Except for the "rare" support for Windows XP, other operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Linux, etc. are all without pressure!

Abundant ports, upgradeable redundant power supply

Abundant ports are also an important reason why everyone loves this 4U industrial computer!

2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 6 USB2.0 ports, 6 serial ports, support VGA+DVI dual display, 3 audio interfaces, 2 PS/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces. One 8-way GPIO interface, one parallel port, and one 110V/220V AC power port.

Multi-port configuration, whether it is access to an isolated serial port card, an AD conversion card, or an Advantech capture card, is very convenient!

The power supply can be 300W/400W/500W, and the redundant power supply can be upgraded, which can effectively ensure the stability and safety of the machine, which is very important to the majority of industrial automation production line users.

Super cost-effective, popular models in the town store

Super high cost performance is also the main reason why this 4U industrial computer has been welcomed and sought after by the market for many years!

The mainboard adopts Intel® H61 chipset, supports Core™ 3rd generation i3/i5/i7 processors, and can choose 4G/8G/16G DDR3 memory. There is no pressure to open more programs, and the running speed is fast and stable!

In terms of hard disk, it supports 4 SATA interfaces, and you can choose 64G-1T 2.5-inch SSD solid-state hard disk or 500G-2T 3.5-inch HDD mechanical hard disk, which can meet the special needs of large-capacity storage.

This configuration is still quite capable. It is no exaggeration to say that it can meet more than 80% of the performance requirements of basic users!


SIN-610L-JH61MAI is a standard 19-inch 4U industrial chassis with a thick body and a new industrial gray design, which is more in line with the environmental protection requirements of industrial applications. It has high anti-magnetic, dust-proof and impact-resistant capabilities, and is suitable for various harsh working environments. The above 4 major advantages, coupled with stable performance, make it a well-deserved SINSMART traffic explosion!

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