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SINSMART has created industry-specific industrial all-in-one machines, which can provide production customization of industrial all-in-one machines, including adding customer hardware equipment, adding interfaces, customizing various appearance structures and screen sizes, etc. The product complies with the VESA standard; WLED backlight can touch the full-plane capacitive/resistive LCD screen, and the application experience is good; high resolution, support human-computer interaction; rich function interface design, support Gigabit Ethernet/WIFI/3G/4G network , support HDMI display output, which can meet various peripheral access requirements; new fanless wide temperature cooling structure, low power consumption, high reliability.

In addition to the production of industrial integrated computers, SINSMART products also involve industrial computers, domestic industrial computers, embedded industrial computers, rack-mounted industrial computers, wall-mounted industrial computers, vehicle-mounted industrial computers, visual industrial computers, fanless industrial computers, and multi-network ports Industrial computer, industrial server, industrial tablet, rugged notebook and rugged tablet, etc., is a high-quality supplier of industrial computer in China. Products cover: industrial automation, communications, electric power, network security, rail transit, video surveillance, medical equipment, finance, self-service terminals, data storage, machine vision, vehicle computers, police equipment and other fields.

SINSMART is a professional source manufacturer of industrial all-in-one machines. It adopts modular solutions to precisely design and customize, and the multi-functional customization is rich and flexible. In order to better meet the needs of users in various industries, it provides many rich customization items, such as: screen Touch mode, screen brightness, screen resolution, hardware configuration customization, machine interface, machine operating temperature, aviation plug, fingerprint recognition, ID card recognition, RFID, camera, loudspeaker, DVD, the whole machine is fully waterproof and dustproof etc.

SINSMART has a group of engineers and production lines engaged in the research and development of industrial all-in-one machines. It has successively passed IS09001, 3C certification, CE certificate, FCC certificate, IP65 and other certifications. The strict quality control system ensures product reliability, and a sound research and development system ensures product continuity. innovation. In order to provide customers with better products and services, SINSMART continues to expand and improve marketing channels, and has built a strong marketing channel service network in the industry.

In the final packaging of the product, SINSMART will continue to provide attentive service as always. All its products are carefully packaged in the delivery and packaging process. They are all made of thick cardboard, which is hard, moisture-resistant, and impact-resistant; the internal packaging is covered with film and moisture-proof; poly Long foam embedded packaging, stable and anti-fall and impact-resistant; double-layer packaging, effectively improving the performance of shock resistance and impact resistance, and reducing damage. Customer's loss is SINSMART loss!

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