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During the production process of the industrial computer, the long start-up time will affect the work efficiency and even lead to production stagnation. If you encounter this problem, don't worry, this article will introduce five solutions to help you quickly solve the problem of excessively long startup time of the industrial computer.

Method 1: Turn off the auto-start item of the system startup file

Startup items refer to the programs that run automatically when the system starts, and these programs will affect the startup speed of the system. We can speed up the system's startup speed by closing unnecessary startup items. In the Windows system, we can turn off the startup items through the task manager or the system configuration tool.

Method 2: Run SCANDISK to check whether there are bad sectors on the disk

After the industrial computer is used for a long time, there may be bad sectors in the disk, which will cause longer system startup time. We can run the SCANDISK tool to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the disk, find and repair bad sectors in the disk, thereby speeding up the startup speed of the system.

Method 3: Run Disk Defragmenter to Eliminate Fragmentation

Disk fragmentation refers to discontinuous file fragments that exist on a disk, which can cause longer system startup times. We can speed up system startup by running Disk Defragmenter to eliminate fragmentation.

Method 4: Run Disk Cleanup to Eliminate Junk Files

In the process of using the industrial computer, the system will generate a large number of temporary files and junk files, which will occupy disk space and cause the system to start longer. We can speed up the system startup by running Disk Cleanup to eliminate junk files.

Method 5: Adjust network settings

Sometimes, the long startup time of the industrial computer may be related to the installation of the network card. We can adjust the network settings to solve this problem. The specific method is to find the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel, then select Change Adapter Settings, right-click on the corresponding network card to select Properties, and then find Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) in the Properties dialog box, click it , select Properties, change the option of automatically obtaining an IP address and DNS server address to manually obtain, and fill in the correct IP address and DNS server address.


Through the above five solutions, we can better solve the problem of the excessively long startup time of the industrial computer and ensure that the production efficiency will not be affected. It should be noted that we should be careful when operating these methods so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the system.

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