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Many users who like to play large-scale 3D games may pay a little attention to the graphics card, because the quality of the graphics card directly determines the immersive experience of playing games. The higher the graphics card configuration, the better the experience of playing 3D games, and vice versa. Graphics cards are low-end and cheap. When playing games, the character’s movements are greatly distorted, the screen transitions are slow, and the game experience is extremely poor, which affects the mood. So how to expand the graphics card on the industrial computer to improve the performance and effect of the machine? Let's find out together~

1. What is a graphics card

The graphics card is one of the most basic components of a personal computer. Its main purpose is to convert the display information required by the computer system to drive the display, and supply progressive or interlaced scanning signals to the display to manipulate the correct display of the display. The key component of the computer motherboard is one of the key devices of the man-machine, and its built-in parallel computing capability is currently also used for deep learning and other operations.

Graphics card, also known as a display card, is a very important part of a computer and is responsible for outputting display graphics. For those who like to play games and engage in professional graphic design, graphics cards are very important. The display chips of mainstream graphics cards are mainly manufactured by two major manufacturers, NVIDIA and AMD. Usually, graphics cards using NVIDIA display chips are called N cards, while graphics cards using AMD display chips are called A cards.

2, the working principle of the graphics card

The graphics card is inserted into the expansion slot on the motherboard (generally speaking, it is a PCI-E slot, before that there will be AGP, PCI, ISA and other slots). It is usually responsible for converting the display signal sent by the host to the monitor into an electrical signal in general, so that the monitor can clearly understand what the personal computer is doing for it. A graphics card is usually formed by a graphics card motherboard, a display chip, a display memory, a heat sink (heat sink, fan) and other parts. The general chip of the graphics card is called display chip (Videochipset, also called GPU or VPU, graphics processor or visual processor), which is the general processing unit of the graphics card. There is still a memory similar to computer memory on the graphics card, called display memory, or video memory for short.

3. How to expand the graphics card of the industrial computer

A discrete graphics card is a graphics card that exists as a single board and needs to be inserted into the corresponding port on the motherboard of the industrial computer. The discrete graphics card has an independent video memory and does not occupy the system memory, and its technology is ahead of the integrated graphics card, which can bring stronger Display effects and performance. The graphics card is a key component of the host of the industrial computer, how to install the graphics card of the industrial computer?

At present, all major graphics cards use the PCL.E16X bus interface, and its efficient data transmission capability can alleviate the bottleneck of graphics data transmission. Correspondingly, the graphics card slots on the motherboard have all been updated to pcl-e16x slots, which are roughly located in the center of the motherboard and longer than the other slots. Also, some motherboards will offer two pci-e16x slots.

The pci-e16x slot is usually divided into two sections of different lengths by a raised partition, and there is a corresponding slot in the middle of the pci-e16x slot card. In a completely tool-free situation, the fixed installation of the expansion card position is also designed as a tool-free clamping design. When installing a graphics card, remove the bezel on the back of the graphics card. Next, align the gold finger slot on the card with the raised spacer at the slot, and then gently press down on the card so that the gold finger is fully inserted into the card slot.

Then, align the positioning holes on the graphics card bezel with the screw holes on the chassis, and fix the graphics card with long-toothed screws. After tightening the screws, the installation of the graphics card is complete.

Follow SINSMART to understand what is the graphics card, the working principle of the graphics card, and how the industrial computer expands the three major content of the graphics card. I believe that you have a better understanding of the industrial computer, and swim with SINSMART in the ocean of industrial control knowledge. Add to your work.

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