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An industrial PC is a computer particularly used for industrial manage systems, and its steadiness and reliability are essential to industrial production. However, in the method of use, the industrial PC every now and then has some problems. For example, the electricity grant works typically after power-on, however the motherboard does no longer respond. This state of affairs can also motive the industrial PC to fail to function normally, thereby affecting the everyday growth of industrial production. This article will introduce 4 strategies to resolve this problem.

Method 1: Remove the peripheral card and linked units to see if it can be started?

First of all, we want to take a look at whether or not there is any hassle with the peripheral playing cards and linked devices. Sometimes the connection of the card or the system is terrible or damaged, which will reason the industrial laptop to fail to start. Therefore, we can attempt to put off all peripheral playing cards and linked devices, and then strive to strength on the industrial laptop again. If the industrial laptop can begin usually at this time, the hassle is probable to lie in these peripheral devices.

Method 2: If it cannot be started, you can remove the memory and see if there is an alarm?

If the IPC nonetheless can't begin after getting rid of the peripheral playing cards and related devices, then we can attempt to do away with the reminiscence stick, and then electricity on the IPC again. If the Industrial PC can begin generally at this time and the alarm sounds, then the hassle is probably to be in the memory. We can strive to substitute the memory module, and then attempt to begin the Industrial PC again.

Method 3: Check whether or not the CPU works normally?

If the industrial pc nonetheless can't begin after doing away with the memory, then we want to test whether or not the CPU is working normally. First, we want to test if the socket of the CPU is damaged, if the socket is damaged, we need to exchange the motherboard. If there is no trouble with the socket, then we want to test whether or not the pins of the CPU are bent or damaged. If the pins are damaged, we want to change the CPU. If there is no hassle with the CPU, then we want to test whether or not the energy grant on the motherboard is normal.

Method 4: Replace the motherboard and test whether or not the motherboard is normal.

If the Industrial PC nevertheless can't begin after the above three steps, then we want to reflect onconsideration on changing the motherboard. Before changing the motherboard, we want to affirm whether or not the mannequin and specs of the motherboard are steady with the unique motherboard. If the motherboard mannequin and specs are inconsistent, then we want to reinstall the working system. If the motherboard mannequin and specs are consistent, then we can deploy the unique CPU, reminiscence and different hardware units on the new motherboard, and then attempt to strength on the industrial laptop again.


To sum up, after the industrial pc is powered on, the energy furnish works normally, however the motherboard does now not respond, which may additionally be induced via bad connection of peripheral devices, memory module problems, CPU issues or motherboard problems. We can take a look at these issues in flip and strive to remedy them to make certain that the industrial pc can run normally. If none of the above techniques can resolve the problem, it is endorsed to are seeking expert repair services. 

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