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How to choose a rugged tablet suitable for outdoor use

In modern society, in all walks of life, there is an increasing demand for mobile office and outdoor work. Facing the complex and changeable outdoor environment, we need a stable, durable and powerful rugged tablet to meet our needs. However, in the face of the strict requirements of outdoor work, you need to pay attention to the following aspects when choosing a rugged tablet computer.

Waterproof and dustproof performance: ensure that the rugged tablet computer has sufficient waterproof capability and can work normally in rainy or humid environments. There is often a lot of dust and particles in the outdoor environment, so it is necessary to choose a rugged tablet with good dust resistance to ensure that its internal components are not damaged.

High temperature and low temperature resistance: The outdoor environment temperature changes greatly, so it is necessary to choose a rugged tablet computer with good high temperature and low temperature resistance to ensure that it can work normally under extreme temperatures.

Impact resistance: There may be bumps, vibrations or accidental collisions in the outdoor environment, so it is necessary to choose a rugged tablet with good impact resistance to protect its internal components and screen from damage.

Visibility of the display screen: The outdoor environment has strong light, so it is necessary to choose a display screen with high brightness and anti-reflection to ensure clear visibility in the outdoor environment.

Battery life: Outdoor use may not be able to charge at any time, so it is necessary to choose a rugged tablet with a long battery life to ensure long-lasting use.

Portability and portability: outdoor use requires devices with high portability, so it is necessary to choose a rugged tablet computer with light weight and small size, which is easy to carry and operate.

Reliability and durability: choose a rugged tablet with good reliability and durability to meet various challenges and usage needs in outdoor environments.

Appearance display

Hello, everyone, today I will introduce you this rugged tablet computer with a size of 10 inches, 800*1280IPS, and an optional 750nit high-brightness display. Wipe, clean, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, hardness can reach more than 7H, when we use a solid object such as a key to scratch the screen, it will not leave scratches!

Thick anti-collision corner design is adopted on all sides of the tablet, the whole machine is dust-proof, and the port is also equipped with independent waterproof plugs. The design is very user-friendly.

The body is very thin and light. The bare phone weighs only 1014g. It provides a portable strap design that fits the palm of your hand and can be easily held by one hand without falling off. It can also be used with a strap and leather case, making it very convenient to hold.

This handheld ruggedized tablet provides us with a simple and user-friendly wireless quick-scan design. The tablet supports one-dimensional code/two-dimensional code scanning. Here is a shortcut key for scanning codes. The optical resolution reaches 5mil and the scanning speed reaches 50 times/ S, provides faster recognition accuracy and speed, and can read stained and low-quality barcodes, which facilitates rapid data collection and improves work efficiency.

Port introduction

This portable and reinforced handheld tablet has rich interfaces, 1*headphone jack on the left, 1*HDMI interface, 1*MicroUSB, 1*USB2.0 port, 1*charging interface, 1*RL45 interface, 1*RS232 interface, 1*The optional aviation interface has a front camera, volume keys, and scan keys on the top, a rear camera on the back, a scan window, an area for installing a removable battery, and a fingerprint recognition button below.

It can provide a variety of module options, and the NFC information reading module is provided on the back, which can be used for information transmission of 3-5cm short-distance devices. It is safe and reliable, with fast transmission speed and convenient travel. There is also a fingerprint unlocking design on the back, which is very sensitive and can be unlocked with a light touch. The unlocking can be as fast as 0.5 seconds when the screen is black, so you don’t have to worry about pressing the lock button too often!

Performance test

The 10-inch handheld tablet computer has excellent performance. It adopts the new high-performance Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 processor, 14nm process, 4 cores, 4 threads, main frequency 1.44Ghz, turbo frequency 1.92Ghz, strong performance, low power consumption, and supports 1GB /2GB/4GB LPDDR3, optional 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB storage capacity to ensure fast response of the tablet and meet the working needs of users in different situations.

Comprehensive performance test

According to the figure below, we can see that the comprehensive performance of this product has reached 31366, and the performance test is excellent.

Machine temperature test

Take a look at the test results for the temperature test of the whole machine. The average temperature of the CPU before copying is 56°C.

One hour after copying, the average temperature of the CPU is 78°C. According to the test data before and after, the CPU heat dissipation performance of this product is quite good.



In addition to excellent performance, battery life is also very good. This machine has a built-in 10,000mAh large-capacity battery and an external pluggable 5,000mAh pluggable battery. It supports long-term use or standby, and works stably for 8 hours. It can last up to 72-96 hours during sleep and standby, which can meet the high-load working environment and ensure long-term operation and battery life. It can be applied to scenarios such as smart medical room search, writing reports and recording body data, and there is no pressure for outdoor use.

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