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In June this year, the well-known consulting company IDC released the latest data. In the report, IDC stated that the global Internet of Things (enterprise-level) expenditure will reach US$690.26 billion in 2021, and is expected to reach US$1.1 trillion in 2026. Among them, Chinese enterprise-level The market size will reach 294 billion US dollars (about 2 trillion yuan) in 2026, accounting for about 25.7% of the world.

Now that the era of Industrial Internet of Things 4.0 has come, the new Internet + business operation model has made many traditional manufacturing industries realize that transformation is imminent. The transformation of "automation"➡"intelligence" will be the top priority of Industry 4.0. So how should the industrial computer industry achieve leapfrogging in the intelligent manufacturing industry, so as to occupy a place?

Industrial control products play a very special role in the entire Internet of Things, and industrial control products are an important hub connecting all industries. In the past, the performance of industrial control products was very single, basically limited to the collection and aggregation of on-site data. Nowadays, with the rapid development of computers, communications and the Internet, the single function of industrial control products can no longer meet the needs of today's industries.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, the industrial computer industry is gradually moving closer to intelligence, informatization and digitization. Under the new model of Internet + Industry 4.0, the complex and changeable network environment also brings opportunities to the industrial computer industry, but also generates many uncertain factors. Under the current irreversible environmental trend, how does the industrial computer industry adjust its direction? , get a spoonful of this 2 trillion cake?

1. Customized service, the customer is the master

In the traditional manufacturing industry in the past, it was basically what the factory produced and what the customer used, and it only needed to meet the basic needs; but now the single function has become a thing of the past, and customer demand has become a new business opportunity. Only by paying more attention to customer needs and providing customized services can we survive in the waves.

2. Keep pace with the times and expand the industry

In the age of intelligent information, major emerging industries have sprung up like mushrooms after rain, and intelligent transportation, self-service terminals, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent life, intelligent agriculture, Internet of Vehicles, big data, cloud computing, etc. have become popular, which also means that the traditional The decline of dominant industries. I don't want to be overwhelmed, so I can only bite the bullet.

3. Vigorous development of embedded industrial computer

Compared with the traditional industrial computer, the embedded industrial computer undoubtedly meets the needs of the intelligent manufacturing industry. It is smaller in size, more complete in function, perfect in adaptability, ultra-low power consumption, and higher in security. Industrial computer has become the new darling.

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