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A Powerful Fanless Mini PC

In today's era of rapid technological development, computers have become an indispensable tool in people's life and work. In order to meet the needs of computers in different fields, the types of computers are becoming more and more diverse, among which Fanless Mini PC are a new type that has attracted much attention. Compared with traditional computers, Fanless Mini PC have greater advantages in terms of volume, noise, and power consumption.

What is a Fanless Mini PC?

A Fanless Mini PC is a small, efficient computer whose most notable feature is the absence of a fan. It is typically smaller, quieter, and consume less power than traditional computers, while also delivering higher performance.

Mini PC usually use energy-efficient low-power processors, such as Intel's Atom, Celeron, Intel Core M-series, and AMD's Ryzen Embedded series. In addition, these computers usually adopt a more efficient heat dissipation design, such as using aluminum heat sink or copper tube technology to conduct and dissipate heat, so as to achieve better heat dissipation.

Fanless PC are generally used in embedded systems, industrial control, digital signage, multimedia players, network equipment and other fields. In addition, due to its small size and portability, it has gradually become the choice of some consumers, such as home entertainment, smart home and other fields.

SINSMART product model introduction: SIN-1282-J1900V2

1. Appearance size

This fanless embedded industrial host machine has a very miniature appearance, about the size of our palm, and is very light in weight, only 0.6kg, and can be held by one hand. Only 36mm, 134mm wide, 160mm with ears, 125.6mm deep, it supports wall-mounted installation, which can save us more space.

2. Front and rear ports

The compact body also has abundant ports. The front panel of this industrial computer has two 232 serial ports, three USB2.0 ports, and one USB3.0 port, which can be connected to multiple USB devices at the same time. For example, this USB3.0 interface can be connected to a USB high-speed Camera, the machine is equipped with 2 Intel adaptive Gigabit network cards, so you can see 2 Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports on the rear panel, supporting VGA+HDMI dual display, 1 audio port, and 1 DC9-24V power input interface.

3. Performance memory

This machine is equipped with an Intel J1900 processor onboard, with very low power consumption, only 10W, main frequency up to 2.0GHZ, turbo frequency up to 2.41GHZ, strong performance, onboard DDR34G memory, and one onboard The 7P+15P 2.5-inch hard disk is directly installed on the female socket, and there is also one mSATA slot, which can install 2.5-inch hard disk and mSATA hard disk at the same time to meet your personal storage needs.

4. Wide pressure and wide temperature

It has the characteristics of wide temperature operation and wide voltage input. The machine adopts a large-area fin-type heat sink design, and distributes heating components all over the heat sink, thereby improving the heat dissipation efficiency and stability of the machine, and ensuring that the machine can work normally within the temperature range of -20°C to 65°C. Adapt to various harsh industrial environments. In addition, the machine supports 9-24V wide-voltage DC power input, which is more durable than ordinary machines and can adapt to various power input environments, ensuring the stable operation of the machine.

5. Expansion slot

This fanless embedded industrial host machine provides a Mini-PCIE slot, supports WiFi/3G/4G modules, and is equipped with a SIM card holder, supports 3G/4G cards, which is convenient for users to carry out data in a wireless network environment transmission and communication. In addition, the machine supports a variety of operating systems, such as Windows 7 and other operating systems, which can provide a more secure and stable working environment. The specific version number of the operating system can be obtained from customer service.

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