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At this stage, under the circumstances of large-scale construction of power systems and smart grids in various countries around the world, the requirements for the safety and efficiency of transformation and distribution networks are getting higher and higher. As a result, manual inspection of power safety can no longer be satisfied, and the market demand for power inspection robots is soaring. A robot is a common name for an automatic control machine (Robot). Automatic control machines include all machinery that simulates human behavior or thinking and simulates other creatures (such as robot dogs, robot cats, etc.).

With the rapid development of the modern economy, the number and scale of substations around the world are also increasing, and the pressure on the safety maintenance of the power sector is increasing. The traditional manual power inspection method not only has low work efficiency and uneven work quality, but also has a certain risk of missed inspection. Therefore, as the inspection robot is introduced into the field of electric power inspection, it can not only replace workers to complete a large number of automated inspection tasks, overcome the geographical and environmental restrictions of people in inspection operations, but also has the ability to quickly collect information, real-time information transmission, and intelligent analysis. Early warning, 24-hour uninterrupted work and other functions can ensure the normal operation of the power system.

Comparison between manual inspection and robot inspection

1. Inspection method: manual inspection is repetitive, and data archiving and application are cumbersome. The robot automatically detects and completes the report data export according to the program

2. Workload: Robots can effectively reduce manual workload. And the time for the robot to complete the task according to the preset program is consistent.

3. Accuracy: The accuracy of manual transcription of information will be affected by environmental factors such as angle, location, time, distance, etc. However, manual labor has an advantage in certain locations where it is difficult for machines to read. Relying on high-definition cameras, robots can more accurately identify data for analysis.

4. Convenience: The unattended station requires operation and maintenance personnel to arrive at the station, but the personnel may not be able to arrive at the station for inspection due to the weather. In the substation where the robot has been deployed, the operation and maintenance personnel can remotely operate the inspection robot from the client to monitor the equipment status of the substation under its jurisdiction. The operation of the robot is not affected by environmental factors such as weather, and it can operate normally, which is more convenient than manual work.

5. Defect tracking: Defective equipment needs to be manually inspected regularly and regularly. The robot can regularly track according to the inspection task, and make data analysis to track and detect around the clock and track the development trend combined with the data curve. Robots have an advantage.

SINSMART is also involved in the field of power inspection robots, and has cooperated with many well-known companies, such as Hangzhou Shenhao Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Guozi Robotics, Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd., etc. SINSMART has provided industrial computer equipment for inspection robots for many years, forming a professional industrial computer product. Our products cover many fields in the industry. Currently, we have served 26,000+ medium and large enterprise customers. SINSMART will continue to serve business owners with high-quality and high-quality products, and continue to empower the industry's ecological chain.

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