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Asian Games 2022 New Technology Introduction

As the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games is approaching, everyone feels the increasingly hot atmosphere of the Asian Games. The Zhejiang Provincial Association for Science and Technology, in conjunction with City Express, created a series of Asian Games science popularization activities, and entered the Asian Games venue in Shaoxing, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River——Shaoxing Baseball (Softball) Sports and Cultural Center, where you can feel the blend of technology and sports.

The venue integrates 15 intelligent systems - called smart brain

Overlooked from the air, the white canopy of Shaoxing Baseball (Softball) Sports and Cultural Center shimmers in the sunlight, like ripples on the water surface, which not only represents the Jiangnan charm of the water town, but also has full technological connotations.

The roof of the canopy incorporates photocatalytic technology. Under the action of natural factors such as rain and sunlight, it can remove the dust on the surface without manual scrubbing, effectively protecting the outer wall of the building.

According to Chen Jiaqin, a staff member of the venue, modern baseball and softball have a history of nearly a hundred years, and the requirements for sports venues are also very high. The baseball and softball stadium in Shaoxing uses artificial turf and red clay, and the red clay required for the Asian Games is mixed in a specific proportion, so that when the athletes step on the ground, the shoes can be firmly embedded in the soil, and there will be no dust or sticky feet during running. Then, under the leadership of Bai Xuefeng, the director of the softball field competition, everyone had a basic experience of baseball and softball, and felt the new charm of this sport under the blessing of technology.

In addition to the periphery, the interior of the baseball field is also full of black technology. Chen Jiaqin introduced that the venue uses a comprehensive integrated management platform system that integrates 15 intelligent systems, which can conduct integrated monitoring of building equipment, environmental conditions, energy consumption and security systems, making the entire venue like a brain, carrying and processing various data and providing decision-making models to achieve optimal utilization and management.

The industrial computer is in the intelligent management system. By connecting sensors and other devices, the industrial computer can monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air quality in the venue in real time, as well as information such as personnel flow and safety conditions. These data will be transmitted to the central control system for processing and analysis, so as to realize the intelligent management and operation of the venues and improve the efficiency and safety of the competition.

Unmanned driving to enjoy the future traffic

Due to the large area of the baseball and softball stadium, during the Asian Games, it is planned to launch self-driving buses here, equipped with advanced technologies such as millimeter-wave radar, lidar, visual cameras, and ultrasonic radar. The event site also experienced the self-driving bus Xiaoyu Asian Games Line. Even in complex traffic scenes, the bus can handle it freely and always maintain stability and accuracy.

In the unmanned driving system of the industrial computer, there will be unmanned vehicles running in the competition venues, including patrol cars, pick-up vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc. These vehicles need to realize autonomous control and operation through industrial computer to ensure the safety and stability of their driving.

During the operation of these devices, the data they generate and the control unit that supports the normal operation of the devices are industrial personal computers that we are very familiar with.

Shen Zhenlin, director of the self-driving minibus project of Shaoxing Traffic Investment Group in Zhejiang Province, said that on this special line, passengers only need to make an appointment through the mobile app to enjoy the self-driving experience without a driver.

Autonomous driving is one of the nine future scenarios of Shaoxing Baseball Future Community - an application result of future transportation, and the baseball (soft) ball sports and cultural center is the core of this community. After the Asian Games, a modern future community will be built here with the theme of baseball and softball, integrating nine scenes of future neighborhood, future health, future architecture, and future low-carbon.

The event drew to a close in the haze, but the anticipation about sports and technology continued. During the Asian Games, Shaoxing Baseball (Soft) Sports and Cultural Center will become a stage for athletes to show their strength and pursue gold medals. After the games, it will also become a modern future community, providing people with an intelligent living environment and experiencing the convenience and comfort brought by technology.

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