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Basic knowledge of IPC & Industrial Panel PC

Although industrial tablet computers are widely used in our current life, there are still many people who don't know about them. Industrial tablet computer is composed of external front bezel, touch screen, display screen, internal motherboard, CPU, heat sink, memory, hard disk, graphics card, sound card, touch module, wide voltage module, 1/O interface, wires, rear baffle, etc. A detailed analysis of several of these key points is made today:

1. Industrial computer CPU: central processing unit, CPU is divided into single-core and multi-core processing. Equivalent to the human brain, problem analysis and problem solving. The central processing unit plays a vital role in determining the speed of the industrial tablet computer. In industrial tablet computers, the CPU is integrated, that is, onboard.

2. Graphics card: an independent integrated graphics card, which is an industrial tablet computer image operation or output drop buffer. The early integrated graphics card was a display chip integrated on the motherboard, but now we say that the integrated graphics card is generally integrated on the CPU.

3. Industrial control motherboard: The motherboard is generally a rectangular circuit board, and the main circuit system of the industrial computer installed on it includes BIOS chip, I/O control chip, keyboard and panel control switch interface, indicator plug-in, expansion slot, motherboard and plug-in The card DC power plug etc. are the basic components of the industrial panel computer architecture. The advantage of the integrated motherboard is that there are no redundant lines inside the computer, and there is usually no phenomenon such as poor contact and open circuit.

4. Industrial computer memory: a temporary data storage area frequently called by software and system files. Although the memory also has the ability to store data, it only temporarily stores data for use by the CPU, so the memory is one of the key components that determine the hardware speed of the industrial panel computer. The current memory is usually the difference between DDR3 and DDR4, and the speed of DDR4 is much faster than DDR3.

5. Storage: a carrier for storing data, the storage capacity has little to do with the speed of the industrial tablet. It is mainly used to store data, such as important files that you have downloaded to your device.

6. Industrial displays: Industrial displays can generally be divided into touch and non-touch. Touch screens can be divided into five-wire resistive screens and capacitive screens. General industrial tablet PCs use a five-wire resistive screen. The screen has low anti-interference, which is a good choice for industrial computers that require stability.

7. Industrial computer chassis: the chassis is generally made of aluminum alloy, which has good oxidation resistance, or is made of industrial plastics, which will look more beautiful in appearance. On the one hand, it is the main component of the next industry flat panel, and aluminum alloy has high heat dissipation. Conductivity, coupled with the heat sink made of aluminum alloy, the overall heat dissipation effect is very good, so you don't have to worry about overheating when using industrial chips.

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