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Common causes and solutions of industrial computer downtime

Downtime is a common failure of industrial computers, and only by solving the downtime can the high reliability and real-time performance of the industrial computer be guaranteed. The following is an analysis of the common causes and solutions of industrial computer downtime.

1. Too much dust causes downtime

Too much dust in the industrial computer will affect the heat dissipation of some important hardware devices. If the heat dissipation of important hardware such as CPU and graphics card is not good, it will naturally cause blue screen or flower screen or freeze frame or black screen downtime failures. Although such downtime phenomena are usually not There is no rule at all, but the longer it is used, the more frequent its downtime.

Solution: Regularly perform dust removal operations on the industrial computer, and usually keep the operating environment of the industrial computer clean.

2. Poor heat dissipation of hardware equipment leads to downtime failure

CPU, graphics card, hard disk, power supply and other hardware generate a lot of heat during work. If there is too much dust on the fan, poor lubrication, severe wear or serious aging, it will affect the heat dissipation of the hardware device. As the situation continues to deteriorate, it will There will be frequent shutdowns or restarts after being turned on for a period of time.

Solution: Regularly check the working status of the fans in the industrial computer and lubricate them regularly (sewing machine oil is recommended) or replace the fans to avoid such failures. If frequent downtime occurs every time you use it, open the case and observe which fan has abnormalities (such as loud noise or obviously slowed down or stalled, etc.) or which hardware temperature is abnormal (such as by hand) Touch a certain chip or heat sink is very hot, etc.), and then deal with it accordingly.

3. There is a conflict in the memory that causes a downtime

This kind of situation is more likely to occur when running multiple software at the same time. When running a lot of software at the same time, everything is normal, but sometimes it crashes suddenly, and it returns to normal after restarting and running these applications. The reason is probably that there is a conflict in memory resources. Application software runs in memory, but some application software will use the same memory address with another software at the same time due to design reasons, and conflicts will occur at this time. This kind of downtime usually freezes or restarts or blue screen or prompts illegal operation or loses response.

Solution: This kind of failure can only be avoided but not eradicated. Try not to let many programs run at the same time, so as to prevent users from installing and using some software from unknown sources.

4. Downtime failure caused by memory module failure

Memory module failure refers to loose memory modules, weak soldering, or damage or instability of the memory chip itself.

Solution: If there are two memory slots with different specifications inserted in the memory slot of the industrial computer, it is best to remove one, as using two memories with different specifications will cause downtime. If there are often downtimes such as illegal operations related to memory in the Windows operating system, or it directly prompts a registry error and restarts, first check whether the memory module is loose or dust has entered the memory slot. If an abnormality is found, replace the memory module. If it returns to normal, it indicates that the memory module may be faulty.

5. Too little free space on the hard disk or too many disk fragments lead to downtime

Because some large-scale applications need a lot of memory when running, if the physical memory is insufficient, the virtual memory on the hard disk needs to be used. At this time, if the remaining space of the hard disk is too small, it may cause downtime. In addition, if the industrial computer has not defragmented the hard disk for a long time, the system resources will be strained and the system will be down. Of course, if there are too many junk files in the hard disk, it will also cause difficulty in finding files on the hard disk and cause downtime. The performance of this kind of failure is also quite special, usually when the hard disk is continuously frantically reading and writing to the disk, it will suddenly freeze or crash with a blue screen. Of course, the NTFS disk file format produces less disk fragmentation.

Solution:The system disk must use the NTFS disk file format. It is best to set the virtual memory to a partition with relatively large remaining space, and regularly clean up various junk files and regularly defragment the disk.

6. Hard disk failure leads to downtime

If the hard disk is severely aged or is shaken during operation or has logical or physical bad sectors or bad sectors, then the industrial computer is prone to frequent downtime failures during operation.

Solution: First, replace the hard disk. If it is only a logical error, it can be repaired with repair software. Since the fault points of some such faults are not easy to find, you can perform a disk scan program to eliminate such faults.

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