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Design of Intelligent Infusion Monitoring System

Today, the development of smart healthcare is changing the way people view and use modern healthcare. In the process of this change, the smart infusion system, as an important part of the intelligence of the medical industry, has attracted widespread attention. What is a smart infusion system? In simple terms, it is a technical solution for automatic infusion and monitoring through the use of advanced sensors and nursing systems. It can greatly improve infusion efficiency, prevent infusion errors, ensure patient safety, and reduce the work pressure of medical staff.

Disadvantages of traditional infusion

In the past hospitals, we always saw such a situation. Blood transfusion patients or their family members should pay attention to the situation of the infusion bag at any time. They are nervous and anxious. The infusion bag is almost finished, and the hospital nurse has not come yet. , the nurses were running back and forth, exhausted physically and mentally. Sometimes, some patients would speed up the infusion button, hoping that the infusion would end as soon as possible. However, due to the corresponding doctor's advice for each liquid, once the flow rate is too fast, it is easy to cause safety hazards. In the long run, the hard work of medical staff will not only fail to improve the quality of care, poor patient experience, but also lead to a series of safety problems. According to relevant statistics, the number of deaths due to infusion has reached 390,000 people every year.

 Can Information Technology Improve Nursing Quality

With the rapid development of the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, many hospitals have begun to actively embrace informatization. The smart infusion system began to enter the field of vision.

Wisdom Infusion "How much do you know?"

Intelligent infusion monitoring wireless Internet of Things, and other components of intelligent mobile terminals, combined with touch screens and industrial computers or industrial tablet computers, integrates various information necessary for current medical staff, and is an intelligent infusion control that integrates informationization, intelligence, and digitization system.

Traditional infusion and smart infusion

In the past, patients and their families were always worried about the end of the infusion, and the nurse didn't know. The system can accurately monitor the infusion volume and infusion speed, and transmit the data to the nursing background through the network. Nurses can remotely check the patient's infusion changes through the large screen at the nurse's station, the computer or the portable clinical mobile terminal NDA. It will take a few minutes to pick up the bottle and pull out the needle. If there is an abnormality in the infusion, the system will have an intelligent reminder. Ensure the safety of infusion and improve the work efficiency of nurses.

How does smart infusion come true?

Generally speaking, in the process of infusion, the safety awareness of infusion depends on the patient's initiative, and there are often negligence, the safety of the infusion process cannot be guaranteed, and the reliability is not high. In recent years, many medical accidents have been caused by hospital infusion negligence. Doctor-patient disputes. The emergence of intelligent infusion monitoring system has effectively solved the problem of infusion safety and has become a typical example of hospital information construction. The key technology of the intelligent infusion monitoring system adopts wireless coverage, which realizes an advanced, innovative and perfect monitoring system, which brings reliability, safety, convenience and practicability to the infusion care in the hospital area.

Difficulties to overcome in wisdom infusion

The density of hospital wards is high, and the wall environment is complex, requiring signal coverage without dead ends. It needs to be regulated through the on-site survey network, and measures should be taken according to local conditions. All staff will cover wireless wi-fi to ensure wireless deployment in various areas of the hospital. Therefore, the network requires higher reliability and stability, and the backbone network of the "intelligent infusion" system must be a hot standby, redundant, open, reliable, and easy-to-expand industrial network.

SINSMART industrial computer recommendation
Combining the above features, the SIN-1022B-J1900 fanless industrial computer can meet these requirements.

In the intelligent infusion system, it is very important to choose an industrial computer with high reliability and real-time performance. This is why the SIN-1022B-J1900 of SINSMART industrial control is widely used in the infusion monitoring management system. SIN-1022B-J1900 adopts dual network port design, customized 6 serial ports and 4 USB ports, this is an embedded industrial computer with excellent performance. Its high reliability and real-time performance benefit from the powerful J1900 CPU, which enables it to quickly respond to various sensor data and monitoring system instructions. In addition, SIN-1022B-J1900 has multiple functions such as high temperature resistance and dust resistance, and is suitable for various harsh environments to ensure stable operation of the system. Finally, SIN-1022B-J1900 is also equipped with VGA and HDMI dual graphics cards, as well as two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two WIFI interfaces, which can ensure fast network speed and better flexibility, providing patients with better protection.

Benefits of Smart Infusion

 The intelligent infusion monitoring system built with SINSMART SIN-1022B-J1900 fanless industrial computer adopts wireless transmission of the alarm, no wiring is required, it is suitable for engineering transformation, and can be networked by floor; at the same time, it automatically alarms to the nurse station. It not only realizes the safety monitoring of infusion in the hospital ward, monitors the whole process and status of the infusion of inpatients, and performs effective statistics and summary functions, but also virtually creates value for the hospital and improves the efficiency of infusion and service in the hospital ward. Created a real "bell-free ward"

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