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Full Rugged Laptops vs Semi Rugged Laptops

Laptops have entered thousands of households, but Rugged Laptops can only be seen in some special industries. Rugged Laptops is divided into Semi and Full, and these two product lines are also derived. Then Semi Rugged Laptops, Full Rugged Laptops What are the characteristics of? What is the difference between them? We together look.

Before introducing the difference between Semi Rugged Laptops and Full Rugged Laptops, let's have a general understanding of the features of Rugged Laptops. The so-called three defenses refer to the protective properties of waterproof, dustproof and drop proof, which have strong environmental adaptability and high reliability. The protection level of the three-proof notebook computer is measured by the IP level, which contains two numbers. The first number indicates the dustproof level of the product, and the second number indicates the waterproof level. The highest dustproof level is 6, which means that the product can be completely Prevent dust from entering, and the highest waterproof rating is 8, which means that the product can be submerged under the specified water pressure indefinitely without damage.

So what are the main differences between Semi Rugged Laptops and Full Rugged Laptops? It is mainly reflected in the following seven aspects:

1. Material

Semi Rugged Laptops are mostly made of engineering plastics or some metals and some engineering plastics, while the entire fuselage of Full Rugged Laptops is made of aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium alloy and other metal materials.

2. Sealing

This can be seen from the name. Semi Rugged Laptops are poorly sealed, but have their own fans. Full Rugged Laptops are fully enclosed and fanless, and their heat dissipation generally requires some special designs.

3. Protection level

Due to the limitations of the built-in fan and materials used in Semi Rugged Laptops, it is difficult to achieve high protection performance. Generally, the protection level is IP53, while Full Rugged Laptops can generally reach IP65.

4. Expansibility

The expansion function of Semi Rugged Laptops is not strong, and even some models do not take into account the expansion function. Full Rugged Laptops generally provide PCI, PCIe and other interfaces, and can also provide multiple functional blocks.

5. Durability

Full Rugged Laptops are generally able to withstand harsher conditions such as extreme temperatures, strong shock and vibration, dust and water, and more. Semi Rugged Laptops are also durable, but they may not withstand use in extreme conditions.

6. Performance

Full Rugged Laptops and Semi Rugged Laptops may have similar levels of performance, but Full Rugged Laptops typically have more powerful processors and more storage.

7. Price

To sum up, Semi Rugged Laptops lags behind Full Rugged Laptops in terms of body material, protection performance and scalability, so the price will naturally be cheaper.

In fact, whether it is Semi Rugged Laptops or Full Rugged Laptops, the products that are suitable for the use environment are good products. SINSMART has a good reputation for Rugged Laptops products. As a company that has been deeply involved in the industry for 15 years, its quality is trustworthy!

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