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How to choose an industrial computer for machine vision

Machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, mechanical engineering technology, control, electric light source lighting, optical imaging, sensors, analog and digital video technology, computer software and hardware technology. It converts the captured target into an image signal, transmits it to a dedicated image processing system, obtains the shape information of the captured target, and completes the detection work, in which the image processing is completed by the industrial computer.

Machine vision is used in the manufacturing field, mainly for appearance inspection, defect inspection, etc. The inspection requirements are different, and the inspection equipment also has different requirements, but the inspection process is all collected by the CCD, the video image is obtained by the card, and analyzed and processed by the industrial computer. In this process, the target can be automatically photographed, recorded, stored, transmitted, etc., which can greatly improve the intelligent process and efficiency of production automation.

It can be seen that in the machine vision system, the performance of the industrial computer directly affects the processing speed and running time of the entire vision system, and is the key to the entire vision system. How to choose industrial computer for machine vision?

The selection of industrial computer for machine vision should pay attention to the following points:

1. Industrial computer size

Due to the limited space of the test equipment, the size of the industrial computer will also be affected. The installation size of ordinary industrial computer ranges from 1U to 7U; while the embedded industrial computer is small and light, with a width of only ten centimeters. Therefore, the product specifications of the industrial computer must be selected according to the on-site installation size.

2. The installation method of the industrial computer

According to the installation methods available on site, industrial computers can be divided into wall-mounted, rack-mounted, desktop and embedded. The industrial computer can be selected according to the requirements of use and considering the wiring method, such as avoiding wiring difficulties such as front wiring and rear wiring.

3. Industrial computer configuration

Industrial computer configuration mainly includes processor, memory, memory, software and so on. According to the size and installation environment of the industrial computer, select the processor to ensure the stable operation of the industrial computer. Determines the memory size for a given usage. Some vision systems need to store images each time. If they are run continuously every day, a large memory image will be generated. At the same time, in order to speed up the processing speed and reduce the number of current transformers, it is necessary to consider replacing the mechanical hard disk with a solid-state hard disk.

4. Interface of industrial computer

It determines the number and connection method of cameras and light source controllers in the vision system. For example, the system has 8 cameras and needs to control 4 light sources. The cameras are connected through network cables, and the light source controller has 232 interfaces. Then the number of network interfaces and serial ports of the industrial computer can be determined.

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