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How to choose the right industrial computer

How to choose the right industrial computer
Selecting the right industrial computer, well-equipped to handle your workload, is critical to ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operations. So, how to choose the right industrial computer? Industrial computer manufacturer Gunap will detail how to do this below.

How to choose an industrial computer?

Choosing the right IPC depends on the computing performance your task requires, where your PC will be deployed, how much PC space you have, the power you have, and the connectivity you need.

1. Performance

The CPU is the heart of every industrial computer and is responsible for the overall performance of the industrial computing solution you choose. So it's imperative to choose a processor that can handle whatever tasks and workloads you throw at it.

2. Environment

The industrial computer you choose will depend on the deployment environment of the PC. Some people choose to deploy a regular desktop computer in an environment exposed to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dust, and debris, and then wonder why the computer fails so quickly. Such environments require IPCs capable of handling the changing environment of the system deployment environment.

3. Application scenarios

Choosing the right IPC depends on the application you need the IPC to execute. For example, industrial PCs are often deployed in industrial environments as workstations and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) in manufacturing plants, food processing plants, farms, warehouses, transportation nodes, medical institutions, hazardous locations, and various other locations.

4. Major interfaces of industrial computer

After determining the computing power required by the industrial computer, the placement environment of the industrial computer, and the applications to be run, it is time to consider configuring the major interfaces of the system.

6. Power supply

Rugged industrial PCs are able to operate in remote areas where a stable power supply is not always available. This is due to the IPC's ability to run on DC power. Gunap IPCs can operate over a wide power supply range of 9–50VDC, enabling IPCs to be deployed in various energy-saving applications. Some IPCs also have the ability to switch between pc or car mode in order to use the vehicle's 12/24VDC battery.

7. Storage, memory and expansion

The last item you should consider when choosing an industrial computer is the storage solution your workload requires. Industrial PCs can be configured with standard hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD). If you need to run general applications that don't require real-time access, you can configure your system with mechanical drives.

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