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Industrial Panel PC Common Fault Maintenance

Industrial Panel PC faults can be divided into hardware and software faults

1: Common phenomena of hardware failure: For example, the power light is off, the display screen has no display, the motherboard speaker alarms and cannot be used, and the display screen prompts error messages and cannot enter the system. Crashes, blue screens, etc.

2: Common phenomena of software failure: prompts that the system cannot be entered, the software cannot be run after entering the system, the system reports an error, the memory is used incorrectly, and it is not compatible with the running software, etc.

Then analyze the method of checking and maintaining the industrial tablet all-in-one machine during use.

One: No response after pressing the power switch?

Answer: Check whether the external power plug of the machine is plugged in properly, whether the power adapter is burned out, and replace it for testing. Remove the memory and hard disk on the industrial control motherboard, find the clear coms jumper on the industrial motherboard and clear the bios, start the test, if it cannot be turned on, it proves that there is a problem with the memory, you can turn it on, plug and unplug the power supply, and then install the hard disk to turn it on.

 Two: The motherboard horn beeps the alarm?

Answer: Most of the all-in-one machines are alarms caused by memory.

One short: memory refresh failed

Two short: memory ECC check error.

Three short: the basic memory of the system, that is, the first 64KB check failed.

Four short: The system clock is wrong.

Five short: CPU error.

Six short: keyboard controller error.

Seven shorts: The system mode is wrong and cannot be switched to the protection mode.

Eight short: display memory error.

Nine short: ROM bios check error.

One long and three short: Memory check error.

One long and eight short: Display or graphics card error.

Three: Unable to enter the operating system or blue screen.answer:


1: Replace the all-in-one memory.

2: Press F8 to enter the advanced options after booting, select the last known good configuration, and press Enter to repair.

3: Turn on the computer and press F8 to enter the safe mode to restore the system or reinstall the new system.

Hard disk problem: boot into the BIOS to see if you can find the hard disk installed on the machine under the BIOS. Check whether the hard disk is connected properly. Listen to whether the hard disk is spinning normally. Use MHDD to scan the hard drive to see if there are bad sectors. Use DISKGEN to rewrite the master boot record. Determine whether the system has a virus. Replace the hard disk and reinstall the new system.

Four: Huaping appears on the boot screen.


1: Check whether the LVDS cable and backlight cable are loose.

2: The BIOS setting resolution is incorrect. Press the corresponding motherboard model to enter the BIOS after booting, and enter the motherboard LVDS item of the BIOS to set the resolution suitable for the screen. 18bit/24bit.

Five: Errors or crashes during the running of some programs.


1: Confirm that the program has been installed normally, and some system files of the program have not been deleted by mistake.

2: Confirm whether the hardware configuration of the industrial computer meets the requirements of the program for the hardware configuration of the industrial computer.

3: Confirm the instructions of the software and confirm the software environment in which the program runs.

4: Close other running software to eliminate software conflicts.

5: If the software still cannot be run, it is recommended to uninstall it, restart the industrial tablet, and then install the software.

Six: The industrial all-in-one machine is in normal use. Recently, the software often runs slowly or even crashes.


1: Check whether the CPU cooling fan rotates normally.

2: Check whether there are bad sectors in the hard disk sector where the application software is installed.

3: Check whether the quality of the memory module is faulty.

Seven: The touch screen does not respond


1: Check whether the USB data cable of the touch screen is loosely connected.

2: Uninstall the original touch driver and reinstall the new driver.

3: For touch driver compatibility, please download the official driver.

Eight: The touch response time is too long.


1: The cpu is occupied by the software in use, please end the unused programs in the task manager.

2: There are sundries on the screen, try to clean the screen surface.

Nine: The positioning of the touch screen is inaccurate.


1: After the touch screen has been used for a long time, the gas inside leaks out, which leads to the change of its own environment and requires readjustment and calibration.

2: Open the EGALAXTOUCH software to set, press and hold the screen to prompt the four-corner circle.

Note: Normally, the calibration can be used for precise touch.

Finally: Turn off the whistle sound, open EGLAXTONUCH to set it up, and turn off the touch whistle.

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