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Rugged Portable Computer for emergency command

The portable computer is one of the indispensable tools in emergency command, it can communicate, locate and transmit data without power supply. However, in harsh environmental conditions, portable aircraft may suffer damage or malfunction, which can seriously affect the operation and responsiveness of the command system. Therefore, strengthening the portable aircraft can effectively improve the durability and reliability of the portable aircraft and ensure the normal operation of the command system.

Reinforced laptops can be reinforced using a variety of techniques, such as adding a protective shell, improving the waterproof level of the fuselage, and strengthening the antenna. These technologies can effectively improve the anti-interference ability, drop resistance and waterproof ability of the portable computer, thus ensuring the normal operation of the portable computer under harsh environmental conditions.

In the emergency command system, the application of reinforced portable machine can improve the response speed and accuracy of the command system. The reinforced portable machine can better withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as bad weather, high temperature, low temperature, high altitude, etc., so as to better guarantee the safety of command personnel and the reliability of communication. In addition, the reinforced portable machine can also improve its service life and maintenance costs, prolong the service life of the command system, and reduce system operating costs.

More and more large-scale gatherings in the society have brought enormous pressure to the existing communication system. At the same time, a series of emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, and terrorist incidents continue to test the working ability and ability of the government and its related agencies. efficiency. How to improve the response ability and speed of the government and its main functional agencies has become a focus topic.

In response to market demand, SINSMART has developed a reinforced portable computer to ensure the stability and reliability of emergency communications. The product features are as follows:

The fuselage is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is a high-strength metal mainly composed of aluminum and supplemented by magnesium. It is resistant to compression and durable, ensuring the safety of the machine. Equipped with a 15.6-inch high-definition display, it brings a wide field of vision. The body weighs only 5.6kg. It is thin and light, and can be carried with one hand, escorting outdoor work.

Equipped with Intel Core 9th generation CPU, optional i7-9700/i7-9700T/i5-9500T, eight cores and eight threads, the highest main frequency is 3.0Ghz, and the turbo frequency can reach up to 4.7Ghz. The machine is suitable for complex applications that require extremely fast processing speed. Task. When professionals perform demanding work in harsh environments, increased CPU performance will bring many benefits. In addition, it supports NVIDIA Quadro series graphics cards, 3D graphics rendering, architectural drawing and CAD applications are all easy.

Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth modules, 4G/5G communication network is optional, so that the product can keep connected with various IoT devices and improve communication speed and quality.

Adopting 6400mAh high-capacity lithium battery and EC battery management scheme, the battery power supply is more stable and reliable.

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