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Industrial displays and ordinary LCD displays may look similar in appearance, but there are obvious differences in usage scenarios and functions. Industrial displays are specially designed for fields such as industrial control and monitoring, so they have stronger durability and reliability. So, what are the specific differences between industrial displays and ordinary LCD displays?

There are obvious differences in technology and performance between industrial displays and ordinary liquid crystal display products on the market, which is the most important aspect reflecting the difference between the two. Specifically, the application and design principles of industrial displays are essentially different from ordinary LCD displays, which can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1.There is a significant difference in stability between industrial displays and ordinary liquid crystal displays, mainly because industrial displays are usually used in industrial settings and need to operate 7x24 hours a day, so they need to have higher reliability and stability. In contrast, industrial displays perform better in terms of power consumption, temperature control, shock resistance, dust resistance, etc., and can better cope with harsh working environments to ensure normal operation and longer service life.
2.There are also differences in image clarity between industrial monitors and ordinary LCD monitors. Generally speaking, the resolution of ordinary LCD monitors is usually 1920x1080, while industrial monitors have the ability to automatically adjust the resolution, which can meet higher display requirements and ensure clearer and clearer images for high-definition video editing and recording. Therefore, compared with ordinary liquid crystal displays, industrial displays have more advantages in terms of image clarity.
3.There are also differences in ports between industrial monitors and ordinary LCD monitors. Compared with ordinary LCD monitors, industrial monitors need more industrial ports, such as professional serial port, VGA interface, USB interface, etc., to meet the needs of industrial occasions; while ordinary LCD TVs usually do not need these ports.
4.The difference between industrial displays and ordinary liquid crystal displays---the use of materials
Due to the difference in the use environment, the selection of materials for industrial displays is also quite different from that of ordinary liquid crystal displays. Industrial displays usually use metal casings, and the internal circuit board lines are also made of industrial-grade materials, which are durable and anti-aging; at the same time, it also uses low-power design and environmentally friendly materials to meet the energy-saving and environmental protection needs of users. Ordinary liquid crystal displays usually use non-metallic materials as the casing, and the internal circuit board lines are relatively easy to age, and the requirements for environmental protection are relatively low.
Through the above content, we have a deeper understanding of the difference between industrial displays and ordinary LCD displays. Although industrial monitors have many advantages, the corresponding prices are relatively high, so some users will choose ordinary monitors instead. Of course, if the requirements of the industrial environment are not high, or the display quality is not high, you can also choose an ordinary display. If you need to know more product parameters or other configuration information, please contact us through the following ways.
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