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What is the purpose of a rugged Laptops?

rugged Laptops is a notebook with solid water, dust and drop resistance. It is suitable for most harsh working environments and is a laptop with superb field durability and superior performance.

Rugged Laptops, also known as business rugged notebooks or industrial grade notebooks, are typically used in aerospace, industrial manufacturing, geological exploration, public safety, utilities, and energy industries.

The measurement standard for rugged Laptops is "IP" (pressure protection). Currently the common ratings are IP53, IP54, IP65 and IP67. The higher the IP number, the higher the protection level of the rugged notebook.

Outdoor exploration expeditions often take place in harsh environments, for example, deserts, oceans, plateaus, etc. So a qualified rugged notebook must be able to adapt to all types of harsh environments such as high temperature, low temperature, high altitude, and heavy rain.

In addition to the basic waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof, rugged laptops also need to withstand certain impacts when used outdoors, such as falling from a certain height.

A good positioning system is very important for ruggedized laptops. Usually, ruggedized laptops should be equipped with Beidou/GPS/antenna and other positioning systems with strong and stable signals in outdoor environments.

For some industries, in addition to external ruggedness, ruggedized laptops are also related to internal data security. Some business ruggedized laptops are equipped with various encryption modules, such as additional fingerprint recognition devices.

Are ruggedized laptops worth buying?

The answer is yes. Some people may ask why some ruggedized laptops are expensive. This is because it takes a lot of R&D resources and a lot of special technology to make them very tough and durable, and as portable as possible.

Rugged laptops are useful for many businesses, such as: smart factories, smart robotics, smart storage, smart home, smart home, etc.

Smart factories, smart robotics, smart storage, marine vessels, outdoor inspection, satellite communications, pipeline inspection, mapping, aerospace, medical, drone control, customs inspection, automotive repair, logistics, oil exploration, and even education.


Who makes the most rugged laptops?

SINSMART makes the most rugged laptops and is the leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of rugged laptops. Founded in 2019, SINSMART specializes in products and solutions for rugged handheld terminals, rugged tablets, rugged laptops and industrial computers.

With dozens of engineers, over 80 employees, and a modern, self-owned factory, SINSMART can meet the requirements of customers whether they need a ruggedized laptop for sales or personal use, whenever they need it.

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