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With the increasing demands of modern warfare, the army needs more advanced and portable computer equipment to improve combat efficiency. SIN-I1108E tablet notebook computer is a Rugged Tablet specially designed for the army. It is not only waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant, but also has a detachable keyboard, tablet OR notebook, and can be switched at will. combat support.

Dual identities of tablet and notebook

SIN-I1108E Tablet Laptop is designed with a detachable keyboard, which can switch between tablet and notebook modes at any time. In tablet mode, you can operate through the touch screen and slide easily to create an efficient mobile office environment. In notebook mode, you can input through the keyboard, which is more precise, so that you can quickly enter text and numbers to improve work efficiency.

Abundant tablet ports and keyboard ports

SIN-I1108E tablet notebook computer provides abundant ports, including SIM card slot, HDMI, DC home port and USB 3.0 interface, and keyboard port, including RS232 serial port, RS232/422/485 serial port, USB 2.0 interface, antenna interface and RJ45 network mouth. These interfaces can meet the needs of various modern warfare, such as video conferencing, data transmission, network communication, etc., allowing you to keep in touch with the headquarters and teammates anytime, anywhere.

Optional IP65 waterproof keyboard

The keyboard of the SIN-I1108E tablet notebook computer adopts an IP65 waterproof design, which can work in harsh environments. In addition, you can also choose the optional 78-key IP65 waterproof keyboard, which provides more convenient key input and ensures that you can complete your work efficiently under any circumstances.

SINSMART SIN-I1108E tablet notebook computer is a rugged portable computer specially designed for the army. It has dual identities of tablet and notebook mode, which can be switched anytime and anywhere. It is equipped with abundant ports and keyboards to provide an efficient and convenient mobile office environment. If you are a military worker, or a person who needs to work in a harsh environment, the SIN-I1108E tablet notebook computer will be your indispensable mobile combat platform choice.

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