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What is a 4U Industrial Computer?

A 4U industrial computer is an industrial control computer that typically has the size of four standard rack units (4U) and is designed to perform a variety of control and monitoring tasks in industrial and manufacturing environments.

4U industrial PCs usually have high reliability and stability, and are able to operate in harsh industrial environments, such as those with high temperature, high humidity, dust, and vibration. These computers typically have extensive input/output interfaces to communicate with various sensors, actuators, and other industrial equipment.

4U rackmount computer is commonly used in applications such as automation control, factory automation, robot control, process control, monitoring, and data acquisition. They typically communicate via industrial protocols such as Fieldbus or Ethernet, and can play a key role in a variety of industrial automation applications.

Features of 4U industrial control chassis:

1. The rigorous and ingenious design can make the whole industrial control box realize a good electromagnetic screen.

2. The height and depth of the industrial rackmount pc are designed in units of U (44.45mm) and 10mm, which can meet various needs of customers.

3. Based on alloy profiles and aluminum alloy sheet metal, the processed industrial control chassis is light in weight and easy to transport.

4. The industrial control chassis adopts advanced surface treatment technology, which makes the conductivity and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy parts reach the extreme.

5. The chassis not only has excellent ventilation, that is, fast heat dissipation, but also the whole machine is designed in accordance with IEC and IEEE related specifications, and has strong compatibility.

The characteristics of the 4U industrial control chassis will be introduced here, which is one of the reasons why the 4U industrial control chassis can be used so widely.

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