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What is an embedded fanless industrial computer?

When it comes to the type of industrial computer, the fanless industrial computer must be taken out and talked about separately. Compared with the ordinary industrial computer, the embedded fanless industrial computer has low power consumption, rich interfaces, strong scalability, and can adapt to dust, Let's take a look at the harsh environment such as heavy pollution and serious electromagnetic interference.

1. What is an embedded fanless industrial computer

Embedded industrial computer is a kind of reinforced and enhanced industrial computer, which can operate reliably in industrial environment as an industrial controller. In layman's terms, an embedded industrial computer is a computer with a compact structure specially designed for industrial sites.

Embedded industrial computer has reliable performance, fanless structure, small size, and low price, and it is becoming more and more widely used in industrial computer applications. Especially in recent years, with the development of embedded technology, embedded industrial computer is also developing rapidly, and soon applied to various fields, and occupies an increasingly important position.

2. Main features

Fully enclosed fanless design, aluminum or pure copper heat dissipation is used as the heat dissipation direct contact surface of the CPU, and a layer of heat-conducting silicone sheet is pasted on it. The heat-conducting silicone sheet and the large-area aluminum profile directly contact the fins, and the heat emitted by the CPU is directly transmitted. On the large-area aluminum profile fins, an efficient heat dissipation method is formed.

The advantages provided by the fanless design are undoubtedly quiet and dust-proof. With the increase of use time, the traditional industrial computer will accumulate a lot of dust inside. The industrial computer that has been maintained for a long time and does not pay special attention to regular maintenance will produce considerable noise, and the temperature inside will be dissipated through the entire alloy chassis. It can achieve the effect of anti-dust and moisture-proof, and at the same time, it also well protects the components inside.

3. Core advantages

Although the airtightness of the fanless design of the embedded industrial computer is not obvious, it is very important to the health of the embedded industrial computer. The fanless industrial computer mainly relies on a large heat dissipation area for effective heat dissipation. Of course, the fanless industrial computer has low power consumption on the CPU of the industrial computer.

Low power consumption, fanless industrial computer generally adopts low power consumption platform, advanced embedded, low power consumption motherboard, and various external hardware-related interfaces are integrated on the motherboard, so it can avoid problems caused by poor connection. Abnormal problems, but also to avoid the occurrence of loose phenomenon. There is no need to take additional cooling measures for low-power fanless industrial computers. Even if they work 7x24, there is no need to worry about the heating of these components.

4. Market prospect

The rapid development of fanless industrial computers has replaced traditional industrial computer equipment in many industries, but embedded industrial computers cannot completely replace traditional industrial computers. Traditional industrial computers are still better than wireless in terms of performance and expansion. Fan industrial computer, but the new round of immeasurable intelligent equipment market demand in the fields of automobile industry, network communication, information electrical equipment, medical treatment, national defense and military, etc. has promoted the development trend of fanless industrial computer and its system, and the future market development trend The prospects are considerable.

So far, we basically have a detailed interpretation and introduction of the embedded fanless industrial computer from its concept, characteristics, advantages and market prospects. I hope that friends who use fanless industrial computer in daily work can have some for help and reference.

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