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【SINSMART】Analysis: In recent years, from industrial assembly lines, to smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart speakers, to smart medical equipment, multimedia equipment, the informatization and digitalization needs of all walks of life are constantly growing, and the demand for industrial computer motherboards is also increasing. With the increase, the industry ushered in the spring.

Industrial computer is an industrial control computer, which is a general term for a tool that uses a bus structure to detect and monitor the production process, electromechanical equipment, and process equipment. For various designs and industrial occasions, it greatly reduces the number of manual maintenance and costs, and it has corresponding stability, relatively low accident rate, relatively high stability, and low fault repair rate. Strong three-proof and other functions. In addition, the industrial control motherboard is suitable for operation between -40 degrees and 90 degrees. The temperature range and humidity ratio can also be between 0 and 95%. It also has strong self-radiation control , very suitable for normal operation in the working state of metal dust or ordinary dust!

The advancement of technology and the maturity of the industrial chain have made the roles of industrial computers more diverse and the application fields have continued to expand. At present, industrial computers have been widely used in industrial automation, medical equipment, intelligent transportation and other fields, and are gradually extending to financial services, network security and other scenarios.

The development of a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things has released a new release of market demand for industrial computers. As a key support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, industrial computers are playing an increasingly important role in many fields, and according to market changes and customer needs, they are increasingly personalized and customized.

All in all, IPC is no longer limited to its previous role, its application potential has been continuously tapped, and quality upgrades and technological innovations are also being actively promoted. Next, under the overall situation of accelerating the heating up of the industrial computer market, industrial chain enterprises such as industrial computer complete machines, data acquisition cards, and embedded motherboards will usher in rare opportunities for development.

At present, the development of global economy and technology has entered a new stage. Whether it is traditional developed countries in Europe and the United States or emerging market countries, they are vigorously promoting the process of industrial automation, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries, and actively deploying the industrialization of artificial intelligence in order to gain future competition for dominance.

To this end, European and American countries have introduced policies such as reindustrialization and manufacturing return, and my country has also introduced plans such as Made in China 2025. Under the influence of international mainstream trends, whether it is industrial development, manufacturing transformation or progress in other fields, it will create a huge market space for the industrial computer industry. Therefore, SINSMART predicts that the future market prospect of industrial computer is very impressive.

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