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Market Situation of Embedded Fanless Industrial Computer

With the development and progress of social science and technology, most enterprises now use embedded fanless industrial computers.

1. Because the embedded fanless industrial computer has the characteristics of small size, high integration and low power consumption, it can save space and does not take up space; and because the embedded fanless industrial computer is a new type of computer equipment, So it is very popular with consumers. In addition, this device also has the advantages of easy installation, good operation stability, and strong anti-interference ability, thus enhancing its market competitiveness.

2. People have higher and higher requirements for electronic products, and the embedded fanless industrial computer just meets their needs. As we all know, the economic strength of all countries in the world is generally increasing, and the living standards have also been significantly improved, so they have stricter requirements on the quality and grade of electronic products. If there is no advanced computer equipment to support, then the perfect computer system is just futile. At this time, the embedded fanless industrial computer fully meets the needs of these customer groups and brings them the best service and enjoyment. In addition, the Chinese government has listed information construction as a key project, and the embedded fanless industrial computer just conforms to this trend and will inevitably be chosen by more and more units.

3. The embedded fanless industrial computer has a wide range of applications. For example: finance and banking, public security and justice, traffic management, taxation and customs, postal express delivery, railway and aviation, medical and health care, education and examination, weather and environmental protection, smart city, land resources, real estate property, automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, petrochemical industry, energy and electricity , media publishing, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, cultural tourism, entertainment and leisure, industrial and commercial taxation, inspection and quarantine, electric power coal, metallurgical mines, government departments and many other industries.

4. The price of the embedded fanless industrial computer is close to the people. Since this type of equipment adopts self-developed chips, its core components are supplied by top domestic manufacturers. At the same time, it is compatible with other brands of hard drives. The failure rate is extremely low, and maintenance is very simple, which reduces the maintenance cost in the later period. , so it will be deeply loved by customers.

5. The embedded fanless industrial computer has good after-sales service. Compared with traditional desktop computers, embedded fanless industrial computers do a very good job of cooling, even if they are turned on for a few months or even half a year, they are still cool as before. And this kind of equipment is basically free replacement or refund, so that customers can buy with confidence and use comfortably!

6. Embedded fanless industrial computer has strong adaptability. According to the survey, more than 80% of embedded fanless industrial computers can be used together with computers, especially notebook computers, and the combination of the two is seamless. Therefore, the embedded fanless industrial computer has gradually become the first choice favored by many IT companies.

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