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5 Ways to Secure Your Industrial Computer

Industrial computer plays a vital role in industrial production, so its security is particularly important. This article will start with the current situation of industrial computer security, and introduce the key issues and feasible preventive measures of industrial computer security.

1. The status quo of industrial computer security

As a key component of the industrial control system, the industrial computer is particularly important to ensure its security. However, at present, the security of industrial computer is facing the following challenges:

Security of industrial computer hardware: industrial computer often needs to be connected to external devices and networks, which increases the risk of machine hardware being attacked. For example, hackers can attack the hardware of the industrial computer through physical interfaces, USB interfaces, etc., resulting in paralysis of the machine and data leakage.

Security of industrial computer software: The software security issues of industrial computer mainly include system vulnerabilities, virus infection, and Trojan horse attacks. These problems may lead to machine crashes, data loss, and even production accidents.

The security of the industrial computer network: the industrial computer needs to be connected to the local area network or the Internet, which means that its network security must be taken seriously. Hackers can attack industrial computers through the network, such as DDoS attacks, phishing attacks, port scanning, etc., resulting in slow or paralyzed machines.

2.the security measures of industrial computer

In order to ensure the safety of the industrial computer, the following key measures can be taken:

Hardware protection: The number of industrial computers connected to external devices and networks should be reduced as much as possible, and the use of interfaces and USB ports should be limited to prevent machine hardware from being hacked. In addition, the integrity of the hardware of the industrial computer should be checked regularly to ensure that the hardware of the machine is not damaged.

Software protection: The software protection of industrial computer can start from many aspects, such as updating operating system and application program patches, installing anti-virus software and firewall, closing unnecessary services and ports, using encryption technology, etc. In addition, virtualization technology or container technology can also be used to implement software isolation and security protection for industrial computers.

Network protection: Network protection is the key link in the security guarantee of industrial computer. The following measures can be taken: strengthen network security management, such as regularly updating firewalls, restricting network access, disabling unnecessary services, etc.; using VPN technology to encrypt and transmit industrial computers; using network isolation technology to separate industrial computers into a physical network In the middle, the network is segmented and isolated to ensure that the external network cannot directly access the industrial computer.

Data backup: back up the industrial computer data in time, and conduct data recovery tests regularly. This can help ensure that the industrial computer can quickly resume operation in the event of an attack or system crash.

Training and awareness raising: The key to dealing with industrial computer safety issues lies in training and improving the safety awareness and safety skills of operators, such as strengthening safety knowledge training, establishing a safety awareness publicity mechanism, and implementing safety operation specifications.

3. Summary

The safety guarantee of industrial computer is the key guarantee link of industrial production safety. In order to ensure the security of industrial computers, it is necessary to start from multiple aspects such as hardware, software, network, data backup, training and awareness raising, and take scientific and effective preventive measures to ensure the stability and reliability of the security of industrial computers.

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