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When taking off sweaters in winter, I believe that many people have been attacked by static electricity. Although small static electricity will not have much impact on the human body, it will also make people feel troubled. Therefore, we may choose to increase the humidity of the indoor environment , wear more cotton clothes, wash hands frequently and change clothes more to reduce human static electricity, so how to eliminate and deal with static electricity when the machine encounters it? Especially our embedded industrial computer, come and learn more with me!

1. Industrial computer

The industrial computer is an industrial control computer, which is a collective name for tools that use a bus structure to detect and control the production process, electromechanical equipment, and process equipment. The industrial computer has important computer attributes and characteristics, such as a computer motherboard, CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and ports, as well as an operating system, control network and protocols, computing power, and a friendly man-machine interface. The products and technologies in the field of industrial control industry are very special and belong to intermediate products, which provide stable, reliable, embedded and intelligent industrial control computers for other industries.

2. The harm of static electricity in industry

The generation of static electricity is inevitable in industrial production, and the harm caused by it can be attributed to the following two mechanisms:

One: Harm caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD):

1. Cause failure or malfunction of electronic equipment, causing electromagnetic interference.

2. Break down integrated circuits and precision electronic components, or promote the aging of components, reducing the yield of production.

3. Electric shock caused by high-voltage electrostatic discharge endangers personal safety.

4. It is very easy to cause explosion and fire in the production site with many flammable and explosive materials or dust and oil mist.

Two, the harm caused by electrostatic attraction (ESA):

1. Electronics industry: absorb dust, causing pollution of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, greatly reducing yield.

2. Film and plastic industry: Make film or film winding uneven; film and CD plastic disk are contaminated with dust, which affects the quality.

3. Paper making and printing industry: uneven paper winding, inaccurate registration, serious dirt absorption, and even paper sticking, affecting production.

4. Textile industry: Causes such hazards as fluttering root threads, entanglement and broken ends, and entanglement of yarns.

The harm of static electricity is obvious to all, and people have begun to implement various levels of anti-static measures and projects. However, it must be realized that perfect and effective anti-static projects must formulate corresponding countermeasures according to the actual conditions of different enterprises and different operating objects. Anti-static measures should be systematic and comprehensive, otherwise, it may get twice the result with half the effort, and even cause destructive reactions.

3. How to anti-static the industrial computer

Grounding: Grounding is very important to reduce the static charge generated on the conductor

Machine grounding installation instructions: 1. The required external hexagonal three-combination screw M3.5*6, a yellow-green grounding wire

Step 1. Install one end of the ground wire and the chassis to the ground screw of the chassis

Step 2. Install a cabinet nut in the cabinet

Step 3. Connect the other end of the ground wire to the cabinet screw

Step 4. Chassis ground installation is complete

After understanding the basic concepts of industrial computer, the hazards of static electricity in industry, and how to resist static electricity in industrial computer, with this anti-static kit in hand, industrial computer no longer has to be afraid of being charged

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