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How to expand the USB card in the industrial computer?

Everyone may be familiar with USB. It often appears in our lives. Mobile phone charging cables and computer interfaces are often used for data transmission, adjusting the connection and communication between machines and external devices, etc., so in our industrial control industry, industrial computers How to expand the use of USB card? We together look.

1. What is a USB port expansion card

The USB port expansion card is one of the expansion hardware. The USB port expansion card can expand a total of 5 USB ports, 4 of which are outside and 1 is inside the chassis, which are used to plug in fixed USB devices such as printers.

When everyone uses the USB port, but it is not enough, in addition to the USB HUB, it is the USB port expansion card.

There are two types of USB port expansion cards, and their chips are also different. The NEC chip is the best among them, and the USB speed is 2.0. (3.0 NEC series expansion cards have appeared at this stage) and it is also the most compatible. , not prone to hardware conflicts. It can be used from windowsNT to windowsVISTA, but the operating system after windows2000 does not need to install the driver for the USB port expansion card, and the driver disk provided by the manufacturer is required for the operating system before windowsME.

2. How to expand the USB card of the industrial computer

1. PCI expansion

We all know that the standard industrial computer comes with a variety of interfaces, but when you have too many external devices and need a usb port, then we can expand the usb port through the PCI expansion slot that comes with the industrial computer.

2. PCI-E expansion

How can the industrial computer expand the USB card? Yes, it can also be expanded through the PCI-E expansion slot on the industrial computer.

Combining the two expansion methods and the comparison of different usb expansion cards, generally speaking, the transmission speed of usb3.0 is much faster than that of usb2.0. With the continuous advancement of the industrial age, most of the market began to adopt the interface configuration of usb3.0.

The above is the small knowledge points of industrial computer expansion USB card, from what is a USB port expansion card, how to expand the USB card of the industrial computer to explain the relevant content, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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