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Industrial computer hardware and software maintenance

An industrial PC is a computer device used in an industrial environment, often going for walks some production and manufacturing-related software. Therefore, its hardware and software maintenance is especially important. The following is a detailed introduction of the problems that should be paid interest to in the maintenance of hardware and software of industrial computer from the viewpoint of an industrial computer expert.

Hardware maintenance:

Regular cleaning: Since industrial computers are often mounted in industrial environments, there may be some pollutants in the surrounding environment, such as dust, oil, etc. Therefore, it is particularly vital to clean the casing and internal parts of the industrial pc regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to clean the fan and radiator to avoid dust accumulation and negative heat dissipation.

Check power supplies and fans: Power elements and fans are common points of failure in industrial PCs. Regularly test the working status of the power supply and followers to ensure that they are running normally, which can reduce the incidence of machine failures.

Check the interface and cable: Since the industrial computer often wishes to connect various devices and exterior interfaces, it is particularly important to regularly take a look at the working status of the interface and cables. If there is a problem, it needs to be replaced or repaired in time.

Backup data: For facts in industrial production, once it is lost or damaged, it may motive great loss. Therefore, the data backup of the industrial computer is additionally particularly important. Data can be backed up regularly and stored in some other device or place to prevent information loss.

Software maintenance:

Update the operating system and drivers: The operating device and drivers of the industrial computer also need to be up to date regularly to improve the stability and safety of the machine. When updating, you need to pay attention to choosing a secure and compatible version.

Upgrade the software in time: the software jogging on the industrial computer also needs to be upgraded in time to make certain their latest and compatibility. When upgrading, you need to pay attention to the steadiness and compatibility of the software to avoid incompatibility or failure to run after the upgrade.

Install anti-virus software: Since industrial computers function in an industrial environment, their network security is also especially important. Therefore, you should install anti-virus software, update the virus database regularly, and scan for viruses regularly.

Set permissions and passwords: In order to guard the security of industrial computers, passwords and permission controls need to be set to limit useless operations and access. Administrators should have higher authority, while normal users can only perform indispensable operations.

Clear disk space regularly: Insufficient disk space may reason the machine to run slowly or crash. Therefore, it is also particularly necessary to regularly clean up disk space. You can use the system's built-in disk cleanup tool or a third-party disk cleanup device to clean up unnecessary files and caches.

Regularly test the log files: the log files record the operation status and error data of the industrial computer, and regularly check the log files to discover out the faults and errors of the machine in time, and take corresponding measures to repair them.

Regularly test the network connection: Since the industrial computer often wants to be connected to the network, it is also particularly vital to regularly check the network connection status. You can use the ping command or community testing tool to check the community connection status, and deal with failures in time.

Maintain the stability of the machine: The stability of the industrial PC is of great significance to industrial production. Therefore, unnecessary modifications and configurations to the system should be avoided as a great deal as possible to maintain the stability and reliability of the machine.

For the hardware and software program maintenance of the industrial computer, it is necessary to carry out ordinary inspection and maintenance, and take corresponding measures to repair and optimize, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the industrial laptop and ensure the normal progress of industrial production. 

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