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Industrial PC common faults & troubleshooting

Industrial PCs are now widely used in various industrial occasions. We often encounter many failures in the process of using industrial computers. Because there are many accessories in industrial computers, there are many reasons for failures. Let's take a look at common industrial computer failures and the causes of failures.

1. Common faults of industrial computer

During the operation of the industrial computer, it often fails to operate normally due to some hardware failures or software failures, which seriously affects the normal use of the industrial computer. According to the cause of the failure of the industrial computer, the failure of the industrial computer can be divided into hardware failure and software failure.

1. Hardware failure

The hardware failure of the industrial computer refers to the failure caused by poor contact, performance degradation, damage to circuit components or mechanical problems of the board components and external equipment in the industrial computer. The hardware failure of the industrial computer usually causes the industrial computer to fail to start normally, the system to fail to start normally, or a certain device to fail to operate normally, crash, blue screen, etc. In severe cases, it is often accompanied by phenomena such as heating, beeping, and electric sparks.

2. Software failure

Software failure refers to the failure of the industrial computer to work normally due to factors such as incompatibility of system software, problems with the software itself, improper operation, system infection with viruses, or improper allocation of the industrial computer system. The software failure of the industrial computer usually leads to the failure of the system to start normally, the failure of the software to run normally, crash, blue screen and other phenomena.

2, the cause of the failure of the industrial computer (common industrial computer failure analysis)

There are many reasons for the failure of the industrial computer. In general, the common failures mainly include the following aspects.

1. Improper operation

Improper operation refers to deleting files by mistake or shutting down the computer illegally. Improper operation usually causes the computer software to fail to run or the system to fail to start, as long as the deleted or damaged files are restored, such failures can be repaired.

2. The jumper is set incorrectly

The jumper setting error refers to the fault that the device cannot work normally due to the adjustment of the jumper switch of the device, which changes the working parameters of the device. For example, in a computer connected to two hard disks, due to the wrong jumper settings of the hard disks, it will cause the two hard disks to conflict and fail to start normally. Fixing this type of fault is usually done by setting the jumper to the correct

3. The application is damaged or the file is missing

Corrupted applications or missing application files usually prevent applications from functioning properly. A common way to fix this type of glitch is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

4. Poor power supply

Poor power supply means that the power supply voltage is insufficient or the power supply power is low or no power supply, which will cause failures such as failure to boot and continuous restart of the computer. Usually the power supply needs to be replaced to repair such failures.

5. Poor contact of wiring or connectors

Poor connections of cables or connectors usually cause the computer to fail to boot or the device to fail to work normally. For example, poor contact between the hard disk signal cable and the SATA interface will cause the hard disk to fail to work and the system cannot be started. This type of failure can usually be repaired by reconnecting the wires or connectors.

6. Component quality problems

Problems with the quality of the components usually cause the computer to fail to turn on, or fail to start, or a component does not work. It is usually necessary to replace the faulty part to repair such faults.

7. The application software is not compatible with the operating system

Incompatibility between the application software and the operating system will result in the failure of the application software or the system to operate normally. To fix such software and operating system incompatibility faults, the incompatible software needs to be uninstalled.

8. System configuration error

System misconfiguration refers to the failure of the system to function properly due to modification of system settings in the operating system. Usually, this kind of failure can be repaired by modifying the system parameters

9. Hardware incompatibility

Hardware incompatibility means that two or more components in the computer cannot work together, which generally causes failures such as computer failure to start, crash or blue screen. Replacement parts are usually required to repair such failures.

10. Virus infection

Infection with viruses usually causes the computer to run slowly, freeze, blue screen, the system cannot start, and system files are lost or damaged. Repairing such failures requires antivirus first, and then restores the damaged files.

The above are some analysis of common industrial computer faults, I hope it can be helpful to you. If you have other questions about industrial computer, you can contact us at any time.

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