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Established in 2008, Hangzhou Dongtian Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with fifteen years of experience in the industrial computer market. In 2019, the company established Hangzhou Xindongtian Technology Co., Ltd. ("SINSMART" for short) as its branch company. SINSMART is a professional industrial computer manufacturer integrating design, production, sales and service.

The company is located in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, adjacent to Ali headquarters and artificial intelligence town. Relying on the geographical advantages of "smart technology", the products fully perceive the market and the business expands extensively.

SINSMART main products are Rugged Tablet,Rugged Laptop,Embedded Computer,Wall mount Computers,Rackmount PC,Machine Vision Computer,Rugged Portable Workstation,Industrial Motherboard.

The International Marketing Department will be established in 2020, dedicated to serving global industrial manufacturing.

SINSMART have been taking "saving", "best solution", "fast", "quality", "great service" as our development. "Quality service" as the core goal of development, and in the field of industrial control machine industry has achieved very good results, as well as cooperation units praise.

With our unremitting efforts, we have reached friendly cooperation with many global famous enterprises such as Toyota, BYD, Rookie Courier Station, etc. In addition, we have also reached cooperation with major universities on related projects, such as: Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, National Defense University of Science and Technology, etc.

SINSMART also provides customized products, a mature design team and professional custom manufacturers, which can meet the different customization needs of customers. The industrial computer and industrial control products provided have been widely used in industrial automation, network security, AI intelligence, machine vision, vehicle computer, drone, special equipment, new retail, industry 4.0, smart city, automobile manufacturing, digital medical, military industry , rail transit, logistics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, aviation, tickets, item tracking and anti-counterfeiting and other fields, and has provided professional industrial computer one-stop service for 20,000+ medium and large enterprise customers!

SINSMART will keep the original intention, continue to persistently research and develop new technologies, absorb excellent talents, develop broader cooperation space, and provide better products and better solutions for our customers.

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