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Rugged Industrial Tablet PCs for Medical Applications

With the development of the digital economy, the rugged industrial tablet computer can be used in the medical industry for electronic medical records, doctor ward round records, and RFID drug management, as well as identification of ID cards for patient registration, self-service registration, self-service payment, and self-service Query print results.

Reasonable allocation of medical resources

Physicians can use the rugged tablet computer to record the facts, and can also transmit the diagnosis information to the host computer, so that the registration personnel at the front desk can make reasonable arrangements, and it is more convenient for the hospital to understand the diagnosis information of each doctor! This is very convenient for resource allocation!

Mobile infusion

The hospital is a place full of people. For nurses, especially when the number of patients increases, it is even more dizzying. In this case, it is easy to make mistakes in work, and the application of the rugged tablet computer can directly make Medical staff match patients by scanning faces to minimize the chance of accidents, and when scanning, the tablet can be directly connected to the host, so that the nursing staff can see the relevant trust of each patient at any time , so that it can achieve the real correct medication. Appropriate dosage. Appropriate time. Correct use.

Mobile ward rounds

During each ward round, the annoying thing is to record the specific situation of each patient without interruption. However, the application of the rugged tablet computer enables the doctor to see the previous patient's case during the ward round, which directly makes the doctor's Ward rounds become easy and efficient!

As the basis of the intelligent medical system layout, the self-service equipment terminal meets the fast and efficient service needs of patients in the non-diagnosis and treatment process, and provides a smooth and unlimited new medical experience. For newcomers to the hospital, the use of the new one-stop self-service terminal will become the hospital High point for special service.

In terms of the concept of medical treatment in the past: Affected by the traditional concept of medical treatment, my country's population has gradually entered an aging period, and the number of elderly patients is relatively large, but their understanding of technological equipment and medical technology is not comprehensive and deep enough, so they cannot adapt to industrial tablet self-service. Mode of operation of the registration fee collection system. At the same time, patients in the hospital come from different places, and there are certain differences in their educational level, personal quality, and responsiveness. Many people do not know how to use the Internet or smart devices, so they cannot operate the self-service registration charging system, resulting in a large number of patients still queuing up for long-term registration at the charging window Phenomenon, affecting the modern development of the hospital.

1. In terms of industrial tablet computer management system:

Due to the complexity of the industrial tablet computer system and the difficulty in development, there are many deficiencies in the industrial tablet computer itself, which will not only affect the stability of the entire system, but also reduce work efficiency. Such as: printing bills, paper jams, etc.: miscalculation of charging data, incomplete medical insurance information, etc.: the system shows that the settlement of medical expenses has been completed, but the payment of medical insurance has not been settled smoothly, resulting in the loss of hospital funds; the data cannot be uploaded in time, Cause leakage of fees; patients cannot receive registration fee bills in time, and can only wait for printing at the fee window.

2. The necessity of the application of the industrial tablet computer self-service registration charging system:

Patients generally have to complete the following procedures in the hospital: first, register at the charging window; second, see a doctor; third, the doctor prescribes a prescription; fourth, the patient pays at the charging window; Queuing up to receive the test results; Seventh, it takes a lot of time for patients to consult with doctors outside the hospital, and they need to queue up in various places in the hospital. The work efficiency of various departments and departments of the hospital. This shows that while the country continues to strengthen the reform of the medical system, rational use of the industrial tablet computer registration charging system is a trend in the modernization of hospitals, and there is a great need for application. Not only can many problems in the above content be effectively solved, It is conducive to promoting the construction of hospital informatization and sustainable development.

In this information age, various convenience services have been launched in medical, banking, and other fields to solve problems such as long queuing times. The emergence of the medical self-service inquiry machine, a small machine has changed the bad habits of the Chinese people in the past. In the current hospital, the personnel handling business sit in the rest area in an orderly manner and wait for the call. It is also helpless, so it has changed the bad atmosphere in the past. Self-service query industrial tablet computers have been listed as a great contribution to the reform and opening up, from hospital informatization construction, electronic medical records, remote consultation, to cloud hospitals, Internet + hospitals, and recently 5G in The successive landing of hospitals all point to a signal - the construction of smart hospitals is the general trend.

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